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Bismark House by Andrew Burges Architects

FeaturedBismark House by Andrew Burges Architects

Discover the stunning Bismark House, a two-story gem nestled in the heart of Bondi, Sydney, Australia. Designed by the talented Andrew Burges Architects in 2019, this contemporary home boasts a unique blend of flexibility and originality.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant social atmosphere of Bondi, as Bismark House’s open design fosters seamless engagement with the neighborhood laneway. Delight in the prioritized garden space, masterfully crafted by Will Dangar’s landscape company, DBS, that beautifully integrates with the home’s interior.

Experience modern Australian living at its finest in this architectural marvel.

Bronte House by Justin Long

FeaturedBronte House by Justin Long

Discover the breathtaking Bronte House, a modern architectural gem nestled between the picturesque Tamarama and Bronte beaches in Sydney, Australia. Designed by the talented Justin Long in collaboration with Boffi|DePadova Studio Sydney and landscape designer William Dangar, this stunning coastal villa blends a welcoming atmosphere with luxurious design elements.

Copper sheets envelop the exterior, while steel, stone, and wood elements evoke a natural, casual ambiance. Explore this three-level, century-old villa that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces, boasting a versatile k14 kitchen and exquisite furnishings that elevate every room.

Bondi Junction House by Alexander &Co.

FeaturedBondi Junction House by Alexander &Co.

Delve into the captivating allure of the Bondi Junction House, an architectural masterpiece by Alexander &Co., nestled in Sydney’s esteemed eastern suburbs. This home personifies the charm of ‘the unfinished’, its contemporary design serves as a testament to a blend of modernist philosophy, inspired by the profound works of Alvar Aalto and Louis Kahn. With an ambitious pursuit of maximizing spatial economies within a low-cost build, the property seamlessly incorporates locally sourced pine structure and Carrara stone, lending it a distinct Scandinavian sensibility.

Designed with a growing family in mind, this house embodies the essence of architectural education, where each room narrates the story of its construction. This stunning embodiment of a modern, contemporary style invites observers to witness its structural rhythms and the unique and surprising spaces borne from the careful layering of materials.