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A Breathing Home by St Design Studio

A Breathing Home by St Design Studio

A Breathing Home, designed by St Design Studio and located in Taipei City, Taiwan, is a minimalist apartment that was renovated in 2022 to fit the needs of the young and dynamic lifestyle. This unique real estate property, surrounded by traditional Taiwanese rustic-stone-washed-finish monolithic exterior walls, encircling linear balconies, and situated in the subtropical climate of Taiwan, offers a comfortable inner environment and a flexible open space for its inhabitants.

The interior design features raw materials such as birch plywood for storage constructions, cement board for walls, and bare concrete surface for the pillars. The whole flooring is applied on the same light gray tiles, creating the sense of a single, big, continuous space without specific zoning. This allows the inhabitants to add their own vintage furniture, art, and plants without disrupting the minimalist aesthetic.

A Breathing Home is the perfect combination of traditional and modern elements, designed to satisfy a young lifestyle while preserving the charm of the traditional Taiwanese architecture.

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