Roof House by Studio In2

This inspiring rooftop apartment located in Taipei City, Taiwan, has been designed in 2019 by Studio In2.

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Three roofs protrude from a paper-thin ceiling in this room, creating a wide space and providing a sense of territoriality. This space also guarantees an open spacious feeling for people living inside. A curve spontaneously penetrates the entire space, picturing a story line engraved with the memory and life of its residents. Like the diary of a traveler who loves recording his or her journey. This is a home where people can relax and feel comfortable with.

Three high-ceiling roofs are constructed to divide the public area into a living room, dining room, and bar counter. Under each protruding roof, residents are like staying in a separated space. The ceiling with thin hand-troweled plaster guides residents’ visions and paces as they move anywhere without restrictions. The entire space provides an open view. The texture of limestone coating adopted in this space extends the vision and blurs the boundary between roofs and wall. The sense of rigidness in the space is therefore mitigated, generating a boundaryless illusion. The natural mineral plaster (limestone) and wooden high-ceiling roofs jointly construct a genuine environment featuring unrestrained and relaxing impressions.

Photography courtesy of Studio In2

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- by Matt Watts