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Casa FS: Stone Elegance Meets Forest Serenity in Mexico

FeaturedCasa FS: Stone Elegance Meets Forest Serenity in Mexico

Welcome to Casa FS, a stunning stone single-story house designed by Weber Arquitectos, located in the enchanting Valle de Bravo forest in Mexico.

This 2022 creation features four distinct volumes, each showcasing natural materials, simple lines, and a timeless design. Immerse yourself in this harmonious retreat, where stone and wood elements create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, all while maintaining privacy and security.

Tres Arboles: A Stunning Weekend House in Valle de Bravo

FeaturedTres Arboles: A Stunning Weekend House in Valle de Bravo

Tucked away in the picturesque Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Casa Tres Árboles (Tres Arboles) is a weekend house that has been redesigned and remodeled in 2021 by the renowned design firm dıreccıon.

The client’s main directive was to give the 25 year old house a refreshed style and updated finishes, while still preserving its cozy weekend getaway feel. The transformation was no small feat – the unleveled terrain with pronounced slope presented a great challenge – but the end result is a beautiful sanctuary of repose, meditation and balance. The house features a double height foyer, open living and dining spaces, outdoor porch with a custom-made stone fire pit, and a serene kitchen and bathrooms. The materials used have a warm and natural feel, and the color palette creates a sense of refuge and retreat.

Casa Didox by Magaldi Studio

FeaturedCasa Didox by Magaldi Studio

Discover the stunning Casa Didox, a modern architectural marvel nestled in the enchanting hillside of Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Just 140 km from Mexico City, this picturesque town is known for its magical charm and captivating views. Designed by Magaldi Studio in 2019, this 13,000 sqft (1,208 sqm) two-story house combines local materials and avant-garde design to create a serene retreat, seamlessly blending with its lush surroundings.