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Spiritual Sanctuary: Crafting a Harmonious Oasis in Hangzhou

Warm, minimal dining area with wooden furniture, lighting, and sliding glass door to deck.

Located in the idyllic city of Hangzhou, China, the Broad Stone Clubhouse stands as a spiritual sanctuary designed by the acclaimed Lenhir Design.

This 2023 project seamlessly blends traditional Hangzhou charm with contemporary architectural elements, creating a harmonious space that fosters introspection and community connection. Embracing the natural beauty of the West Lake, the design reimagines the boundaries between solitude and shared experiences, offering urbanites a new haven to redefine their work-life balance.

Skyline Mansion: Experience the Ultimate Private Club

Skyline Mansion: Experience the Ultimate Private Club

Welcome to the breathtaking Skyline Mansion Experience Center, a luxurious private club designed by GFD in the heart of Hangzhou, China.

This awe-inspiring space seamlessly blends modern elegance with the city’s rich cultural heritage. Located in Wulin New Town, an urban area symbolizing the future of Hangzhou, Skyline Mansion redefines urban luxury living while staying true to its roots.