House in Hangzhou by Wanjing Studio

House in Hangzhou redesigned in 2016 by Wanjing Studio, is a 6,458 sq ft residence situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

A modern, glass and wood building with a prominent roofline, surrounded by trees.
Warm, modern living space with wooden accents, glass walls, and a floating staircase.
Modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, wood island, track lighting, and tall bar stools.
Minimalist office space with concrete walls, wooden floors, and a simple desk setup.
Modern, minimalist interior with concrete walls, a wooden table, and a fireplace. Cozy ambiance.
Stunning contemporary interior with glass walls, wood accents, and open floor plan.
Striking open-concept interior with concrete walls, glass staircase, and potted plants.
Spacious open-plan interior with wooden flooring, glass partitions, and natural light.
Stunning concrete walls, glass-encased staircase, and sleek motorcycle display.
Minimal staircase design with wooden steps, black metal railing, and recessed lighting.
A sleek, modern interior with a striking green tree and concrete walls, creating a serene atmosphere.
A modern, glass-enclosed architectural structure with sleek lines and illuminated interior.

About House in Hangzhou

Introduction to Contemporary Design: House in Hangzhou

House in Hangzhou, a striking project completed in 2016 by Wanjing Studio, embodies contemporary design with its sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, this house stands out for its integration of modern architecture and comfortable living spaces.

Exterior Design: Seamless Integration with Nature

The exterior of the House in Hangzhou showcases a dynamic blend of glass, steel, and concrete, creating a visually captivating facade. Large glass windows ensure abundant natural light while offering unobstructed views of the lush surroundings. The thoughtful placement of trees around the building enhances its connection with nature, providing both beauty and privacy.

Interior Elegance: A Room-by-Room Tour

Living Room: As you enter, the spacious living room greets visitors with its open plan, high ceilings, and industrial finishes. The room features a modern fireplace, setting a warm, inviting tone. Overhead, a retractable glass ceiling opens to the sky, allowing residents to change the room’s ambiance with natural light.

Kitchen and Dining Area: Next to the living room, the kitchen sports a sleek, functional design with integrated appliances and a long island that doubles as a breakfast bar. Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area provides a perfect space for family meals, illuminated by contemporary lighting fixtures.

Bedrooms: Each bedroom in the house offers a unique view of the urban landscape. The master bedroom combines comfort with style, featuring a low bed, wooden accents, and a dedicated fireplace for colder nights.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms are equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, emphasizing clean lines and uncluttered spaces. A freestanding bathtub in the master bathroom adds a touch of luxury.

Home Office and Leisure Spaces: The house also includes a well-appointed home office and areas for leisure, ensuring that each family member can find their own space for work or relaxation.

In conclusion, House in Hangzhou by Wanjing Studio is a perfect example of how contemporary design can create both a visually stunning and highly functional living space. This house not only looks remarkable but also provides a comfortable and practical environment for everyday living.

Photography courtesy of Wanjing Studio

- by Matt Watts