Villa in Ramat Gan by Dror Barda

Villa in Ramat Gan is a prestigious residence located in Ramat Gan, Israel, designed in 2017 by Dror Barda.

Modern, sleek residential building with a swimming pool, wooden deck, and lush landscaping.
Spacious open-plan interior with wooden stairs, glass walls, and contemporary furnishings.
Spacious minimalist living room with glass walls offering pool view and ample natural light.
A modern, minimalist interior featuring concrete walls, glass panels, and wood accents.
Modern, open-concept interior with concrete walls, large windows overlooking greenery, and a minimalist furniture arrangement.
Sleek, modern kitchen with concrete walls, floating shelves, and a large central island.
Minimalist bathroom design with a white sink basin, wood vanity, and concrete walls.
A modern concrete structure with an intricate staircase and glass walls, surrounded by gravel.
Modernist concrete building with extensive glass panels and wooden deck. Lush landscaping with natural rocks.
Modern, minimalist architecture with clean lines and large glass windows overlooking a landscaped yard and pool.
Striking contemporary architecture with sleek glass walls, pool, and landscaping.

About Villa in Ramat Gan

Overview of the Property

This impressive villa consists of two buildings. The main house covers approximately 700 square meters (7534 square feet) and overlooks the pool. Meanwhile, a guest house encompasses about 200 square meters (2152 square feet) and sits right at the pool’s edge.

Innovative Design Features

In this distinctive project, we’ve challenged gravity by introducing a floating cube that functions as the master bedroom. This cube, about 70 square meters (753 square feet) in size, connects via a bridge to another part of the residence. Its ceiling stands separate from the curved roof above, while an upper window allows daylight to enter, ensuring it remains well-lit even in the evening.

Material Selection and Spatial Harmony

The villa utilizes materials like exposed concrete, wood, and white plaster to create a visually engaging interplay of clean lines and distinct shapes. Despite its vast size, the space within the house feels welcoming, not overwhelming. The design avoids corridors, maximizing each area for high-quality, effective use.

The blend of a sleek, modern design and warm furnishings produces a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The guest house, designed with an open patio and loft layout featuring industrial elements, complements this with its warm, homey furniture, enhancing the youthful and welcoming vibe. The loft’s ground floor includes public spaces, all of which offer views of the pool.

Photography courtesy of Dror Barda

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- by Matt Watts