Casa Didox by Magaldi Studio

Discover the stunning Casa Didox, a modern architectural marvel nestled in the enchanting hillside of Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Just 140 km from Mexico City, this picturesque town is known for its magical charm and captivating views. Designed by Magaldi Studio in 2019, this 13,000 sqft (1,208 sqm) two-story house combines local materials and avant-garde design to create a serene retreat, seamlessly blending with its lush surroundings.

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About Casa Didox

Discovering Casa Di Dox in Valle de Bravo

Nestled on the hillside of the enchanting Valle de Bravo, a tranquil getaway popular among city dwellers just 140km (87 miles) from Mexico City, Casa Di Dox boasts 13,000 sqft of modern, avant-garde architecture constructed with local materials.

Innovative Design with Intersecting Volumes

The design features intersecting volumes that prioritize dimension and skillfully utilize the natural slope of the site, as detailed in the architectural brief. Architect Christian Magaldi focused on an inside-out approach, with the central tower and main stairs serving as a focal point to guide visitors throughout the building while accommodating the varying natural levels of the lot. Exposed concrete and steel form the structure of the building.

Harmonizing with Nature through a Dark Palette

Magaldi Studio selected a dark color palette to highlight the natural landscape. Wood reclaimed from local suppliers underwent Yakisugi – a Japanese technique for weatherproofing by charring with fire – and was combined with smoke brick from the region to harmonize the construction with its environment. The goal was to blend the house seamlessly as a shadow among the lush green surroundings.

Versatile Open Terraces for Privacy and Connection

Two open terraces serve as central mainstays for the house, offering both private and public spaces. The public terrace divides the interior and exterior, providing a breathtaking view of the protected forest while connecting the back garden and the main access area during nighttime.

Prioritizing Guest Privacy and Independence

Guest privacy and independence were important to the client, leading to the creation of a transition patio that houses a Jacuzzi and a small garden. This space extends the forest and serves as a foyer for the guest suites.

Floating Volumes and Spectacular Views

As the main access to the lot is from the lower part, the design aimed to create a floating effect for the volumes. A 20ft tall rectangular volume houses the living room and dining area, featuring a picture window that offers stunning views of Valle de Bravo’s lake, the town’s landmark.

Simple and Local Exterior Materials

The exterior materials were kept simple and local, with gray marbled granite featuring a flambé finish for the floors and access areas. Local stone from a nearby Acatlan quarry lends a natural finish, while burned wood cladding and smoke brick are combined with natural oak wood for the interiors and private spaces.

Warm and Inviting Interior Finishes

The interiors showcase exposed wood beams and brick, with gray cement paste on the walls for a lighter and warmer effect. Laminate hardwood adorns the ceilings, creating a cozy atmosphere throughout the home.

Photography courtesy of Magaldi Studio

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- by Matt Watts