State Street Townhouse by Ben Hansen

Designed by Christine and Ben Hansen, this contemporary townhouse is located in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Description by Ben Hansen

From the facade to the building‚ State Street townhouse is indisputably modern‚ however it is contemporary appearance does not detract from its Brooklyn roots. Architects and homeowners Christine and Ben Hansen intended the townhouse to be integral to its urban context as well as a conversation between the old and the new.

Keeping in mind that the millennial family tends to congregate in the kitchen rather than the parlor, the Hansen’s designed the State Street property to emanate from this room. The custom kitchen, complete with Flavor Paper wallpaper, feels traditionally modern while retaining a bit of Brooklyn grit. Upstairs, The couple‚ and their three children share two bedrooms with a connecting Jack and Jill bathroom, creating a fun open plan to contain them for years to come. The bedroom level is filled with natural light from huge steel windows, and leads up to a scenic green roof that stores rainwater and nourishes the garden. The backyard, with its pair of swings, sandbox and BBQ, completes this idyllic Brooklyn townhouse.

Photography by Francis Dzikowski

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- by Matt Watts

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