Domesticated Nature by Mood Works

Situated in Poznan, Poland, this 6,458 sq ft two-storey residence was designed by Mood Works.

Description by Mood Works

The concept for the design was to work with traditional forms and mix modern subtleties to create a relaxed, but energetic feel for the home. Interior was inspired by the wealth of nature forms and soft, organic shapes that can be found in nature. The main challenge was to put the vivid, nature based inspirations, taken from the four elements of nature into the design of the interior and combine them into sublte and elegant space.

With big, open spaces, luxurious classic furniture with modern elements, colours taken from the nature, and finest, warm materials the unified interior has been created. Those solutions results in a harmonious, elegant atmosphere. The main theme of this project is accentuated by integrating unique design such as black matte stell of the custom made stairs, leather, marble and other finest materials as key design elements.

Photography by Rafal Lipski

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- by Matt Watts

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