House Springs by Enrique Cabrera

Two-storey single family house designed by Enrique Cabrera, situated in the Mexican city of Mérida.

Description by Enrique Cabrera

Simplicity and practicality are paramount in this project. The design is carefully thought out to maximize space and all the living spaces of the house to see the back garden. The main front and rear reflect the concept of privacy of the home, since they are closed to the outside and with a set of interesting volumes and the interior can enjoy the garden as if it were a single space.

The interior concept of maintaining social spaces open fully only divided by a wall and a sliding door that separates the room from the TV room to give you privacy are a great success of the project and you do the whole house is lived by equally, without hierarchies only taking into account the role of each. Directly linked to the kitchen garden and the grill by a breakfast also generates spatial feeling of being whole.

The sliding glass doors to the garden which leads extending into outer space open.

On the second floor rooms also play with this concept of opening up space generating capture the northern light and making the room feel more spatially larger than they are.

The game of water supply access and the waterfall pool makes the exact relationship with the concept of development, which has a series of artificial lakes and fountains that resemble springs.

The house is a game of contrasts – subtle and bold, playful and practical, open and closed resulting in an extraordinary design exercise that the context of residential development where it fits into account.

Photography courtesy of Enrique Cabrera

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- by Matt Watts

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