Shanti Urban Spa by Lau Giassi Morastoni

Shanti Urban Spa is an urban oasis designed by Lau Giassi Morastoni and Homero Marques.

This ambiente was made for a decorating show in Southern Brazil called Casa Cor Santa Catarina.


Designed by Lau Giassi Morastoni and Homero Marques, Shanti Urban Spa has 42 square meters and serves as an oasis for the Big Cities.
The ambiente was made for a decorating show in Brasil calls Casa Cor Santa Catarina.

Shanti means peace. With this peace, we free ourselves of some concepts and rules to create a space that could express all our whishes and needs of comfort, relaxation and wellness.

Natural elements like water, fire, green and pebbles join the cement and wood. The colors are sober proposals on the environment, some neutral shades like gray cement, the elephant, the earth tones, mixing with the warmth of wood and warm tones of the furniture and decoration.

Anothers elements , such as cement, a mixture of rococo with hydraulic tiles. Rustic and elegant, these pieces are applied on the main wall of the space. On the floor mix textures of natural stone contrasts with pebbles in the spa area and the romantics seats in balance.The sideboard was created by Lau and Homer, especially for the show.

Photography by Rafael Silvério

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- by Matt Watts

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