Luxurious Apartment by Studio Oj

This 850 sq ft luxury apartment designed by Studio Oj is situated in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Description by Studio Oj

The apartment is 850 SF located in Taipei City, Taiwan, the purpose is to create 3 bedroom for the apartment. To opening up the space, we partly knocked down the corner wall and transfer it to a glass working desk area to make the space visually viewing deeper. And to open the space widely, the wine shelving present the role; it divided dining room and kids room.

Small Apartment can also be luxury; materials tells the story. In the living room, marble wall with titanium detail give a luxury touch to the space. Plush fabric sofa with hardwood floor delivered the warmth to the space.

At the bedroom the fashion trend pattern are blend into the space; the houndstooth, plaid and floral pattern wallcoverings were used in the bedroom walls. All these bring drama to the apartment.

Photography by Bass Lu

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- by Matt Watts

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