Casa Cor Rio by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Completed in 2015 by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, this inspiring residence is situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Description by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Casa Cor Rio is completing 25 years and to celebrate this success, the event will take place at Villa Aymoré. Listed by county and included in the protected area of the Cultural Environment (APAC) of Glory and Catete since 2005, the Villa Aymoré is finalizing its restoration to host a commercial venture. Built between 1908 and 1910, the set of ten houses is a true work of art that helps tell, through its buildings, part of the history of the City of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

In this event the best and most famous architects and designers design their spaces, like a fashion show, using a lot of creativity and seeking to present to the public the biggest releases of materials, technologies and design concepts.

In 2015, Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. The intent of this lab is to get people out of their comfort zone and spur them to think and participate in our “experiences”.

As in any process of creating, the questioning is necessary. The idea is that this LAB is a place to hold meetings and talks with various areas of professionals. Participants may be actual or virtual and may be in Brazil or other countries.

A construction method usually has several layers of coatings and this LAB design has the purpose to freeze the retaining walls and ceiling unfinished to show that there will have layers of different thoughts. We want to bring up discussions about solutions and thoughts in different areas that directly or indirectly influence and / or will influence the way we inhabit and live, and what future we should expect or in fact is already reality.

Photography courtesy of Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

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- by Matt Watts

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