Apartment KG by Kababie Arquitectos

This contemporary apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, was designed in 2015 by Kababie Arquitectos.

Description by Kababie Arquitectos

The KG project uses a neutral color palette with earth tones, contrasting with various accents of color that are present in the accessories that complement the space.

The room and the family room are unified through the ceiling design, a prefabricated lattice made of reclaimed Wood; in its hollows are located the luminaire which provides light, indirectly, to these two spaces.

These areas of coexistence are complemented by the dining room that is subtly separated from the kitchen through a Breakfast/eating area which is closed towards the dining room and opens into the kitchen area.

The central landmark of the public area is the library, which is accentuated by a completely sober fireplace finished in grey marble. By its location and transparency, this area can be seen throughout the apartment.

All the bedrooms are grouped in a specific wing of the apartment. The master bedroom is complemented by a T.V. room that functions as a vestibular chamber and that makes a different dynamic in its interior.

Photography by Jaime Navarro

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- by Matt Watts