TLV Penthouse By Gad Halperin

Modern penthouse apartment located in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, designed by Gad Halperin of Studio Gad.

Description by Penthouse By Gad Halperin

Apartment designed for a man living and working in Tel Aviv. The apartment reflects modern life in Tel Aviv, and relates to the apartment owner and his character. The apartment design relates to the rooms of his two children, and to creating furniture to suit the dimensions of the room. In the owner’s bedroom, the wall is faced with wooden panels lying in different directions. An illuminated shelf is set in the panels to extend and emphasize the size of the room, which can also be seen from the other end of the apartment, from the living room, as a point of light at the end of the corridor. The living room and kitchen are in the same space, and so the materialism chosen for the kitchen blends perfectly with the parquet that is found throughout the apartment. The wood of the floor and the furniture gives the apartment a warm and inviting air.

Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

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- by Matt Watts