Apartment in Moscow by Geometrium

Located in Moscow, Russia, this modern sleek Scandinavian-style apartment was designed by Geometrium.

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Description by Geometrium

The design project of an apartment in Moscow, near the Alexeevskaya metro station with the total area of 90.2 sq.m (970.9 sq.ft) was carried out for the young family with 6-year-old child. Our customers have been living in Sweden for a long time, so that they wanted the interior of the new Moscow apartment to be made in a modern sleek Scandinavian style.

The living room and the dining hall are one room. At the window we placed a dining table made of solid Suara saw cut on the black metal legs. Two lamps, that are located above it provide its functional coverage. This table we deliver from Indonesia ourselves.

The main apartment lighting is made via overhead fixtures.

The dining table will serve as a working area. So behind it, at the window, a special built-in cabinet for storing paper and printer is located. In the center the radiator is hidden.

The living room group consists of a sofa, floor lamp and a small table, which is needed to put on it a cup of tea or a glass of water. Instead of the TV there is a projector and a sound system built into the ceiling. We have provided dense Roman blinds, which provide a complete blackout in the room for you to watch movies with the projector comfortably.

The living room is separated from the hall by built-in wardrobe and is connected to the kitchen through a special opening in the wall. Agreement of the opening was a time-consuming, but so far as customers wanted the apartment to be as comfortable as possible for them to live, they were willing to wait. In order smells not to penetrate into the living room from the kitchen there was located the sliding door.

The kitchen was made as the “П” letter – there are a large working surface, sink and bulk storage systems – columns with built-in appliances on three of its sides. There is also a bar at the window, behind which it will be comfortable to have breakfast, drink coffee and look out into the street. For functional lighting the fixtures are located on top of the zone.

The tabletop is made of solid wood and is impregnated with a special compound that can protect it from the negative influence of external factors. The apron is made of natural stone. On top there is the LED strip for illumination of the working area.

In the bedroom there are a dressing room, large bed, bedside tables and make up zone. The headboard and bedside tables are made of MDF veneer in order. The headboard is made so that the picture frame could be put on it.

Our customers are interested in reading, so for comfortable reading before sleep there are the lamps located on both sides of the bed and a special place to store books under every cupboard.

Make up zone with the dressing room mirror is located on the opposite side of the bed near the balcony. Because of the fact, that our customer is left-handed, this zone is specially arranged the way the natural light gets on the right side.

On the balcony there is a chest of drawers for storage and a professional exercise bike since our client is engaged in triathlon.

In the center of a child’s room there is the bed. It’s enveloped by storage systems, which are located in the entire length of one wall.

Working area of child’s room is attached to the balcony, which has been specially insulated.

The children’s room also has a sports area. It is mounted on an end wall at the entrance to the room.

The walls are decorated with colorful vinyl stickers that can be easily changed by removing colored décor when the child grows up.

In the hall we have set the red door as the emphasis. This is a great solution for the Scandinavian interior.

We were managed to make the shower room bigger by a corridor. The cupboard under the sink is made in order, and for convenience we have provided two cranes in the sink.

There is the tile that looks like tree put on the one wall and ceiling in the shower and toilet.

There is an active repair at this stage. And very soon some more happy and satisfied customers will live in the apartment, with the interior that is specially conceived for their lifestyle.

Renderings courtesy of Geometrium

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- by Matt Watts