House in Bahia by Pinheiro Martinez Arquitetura

Situated in Bahia, Brazil, this contemporary two-storey house was designed by Pinheiro Martinez Arquitetura.

Description by Pinheiro Martinez Arquitetura

This house has contemporary design with a nautical theme.

Located in the north coast of Bahia, Brazil, the house was designed with a contemporary yet tropical style with the purpose of being a family refuge to rest. With five bedrooms and a spacious living area, it has plenty of space for the owner’s family and friends to enjoy.

The idea behind the project was to design a rich and colorful house with lots of beach related elements that could translate a relaxing and cozy environment.

The best feature of the house is the gourmet area where everyone gathers most of the day to enjoy the pool and nature after a well spent time at the beach.

Photography by Marcelo Negromonte

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- by Matt Watts

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