Apartment in San Diego by ArchiCGI

Located in San Diego, California, this apartment visualization was designed by ArchiCGI.

Description by ArchiCGI

A modern living room has many important functions – it’s a place to communicate, to enjoy tasty food or a good movie, to rest, and to have fun. As a result, its design must take into account all these activities and offer a comfortable solution. Of course, it should also be beautiful! See how attractive this living room rendering for San Diego project looks. It looks like a exclusive picture from the newest design catalogue, but at the same time reflects the feeling of cosiness of this place. The atmosphere of this room is captured perfectly. It’s a great place for relaxation with amazing furniture and cutting-edge technology, but it also shows the designer’s intention to create something unique and make this room stand out.

All these textures look so realistic and lifelike because of the high-quality 3D, and you won’t need to worry whether they would look good in the real interior. Moreover, 3D allows seeing the effectiveness of color combinations and different elements of design – what can seem «too much» when described verbally looks much more convincing and impressive as a high-quality visualization. 3D rendering is a great choice for demonstrating unusual design ideas, such as this semi-transparent, creatively lit wall.

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- by Matt Watts

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