Luxury Residence by Manson Hsiao

This luxurious residence located in Taiwan was designed by Manson Hsiao.

Sleek modern interior design with stone walls, wood paneling, and minimalist furniture.
Spacious living room with large sofa, circular coffee table, and modern lighting fixtures.
Sleek, modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, stone accent wall, and minimalist decor.
Modern living room with stone accent wall, wood furnishings, and sleek media console.
Sleek, modern interior with wood accents, built-in shelving, and plush carpet.
A modern, open-concept living and dining space with wooden accents and natural lighting.
An industrial-style staircase with a red toy car on the floor, creating a playful contrast.
Sleek and modern stairs leading to a loft-style space housing a vibrant red sports car.
A sleek, modern interior with a striking red sports car parked in a minimalist hall.
A sleek, modern garage interior with concrete walls, wooden ceilings, and a vibrant red sports car.
Modern open-concept staircase with sleek metal and wood design, creating a striking architectural feature.
Spacious bedroom with modern wood paneling, built-in shelves, and large window.
A modern bedroom with concrete walls, wooden ceiling beams, and built-in TV cabinet.
Elegant bedroom design with custom built-in cabinetry and a cozy, inviting ambiance.

About Luxury Residence

Designed by Manson Hsiao, this luxury residence in Taiwan showcases opulent living with modern design elements. This meticulously crafted house offers a seamless blend of elegance and functionality.

Stunning Living Spaces

The living room is a masterpiece of comfort and style. A textured stone wall creates a striking backdrop for the sleek flat-screen TV. The soft, plush sofa invites relaxation, while the wooden accents add warmth. The round coffee tables, set on a cozy rug, complete this inviting space.

Sophisticated Bedrooms

The bedroom exudes sophistication with its elegant paneling and neutral color palette. The king-sized bed, adorned with luxurious linens, promises restful sleep. A dedicated workspace and ample storage ensure functionality without compromising on style. Large windows flood the room with natural light, enhancing its spacious feel.

Modern Garage and Staircase

The garage, a car enthusiast’s dream, features ample space and direct access to the home. The minimalist staircase, with its sleek lines and glass railings, exemplifies modern design. The adjacent hallway, lined with wooden panels, leads to the heart of the house, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

This luxury residence by Manson Hsiao is a testament to high-end design, where every detail is carefully considered to create a harmonious and elegant living environment.

Photography courtesy of Manson Hsiao

- by Matt Watts