Luxury Residence by Corr Contemporary Homes

This luxurious two-storey residence located in Laguna Beach, California, was designed in 2015 by Corr Contemporary Homes.

Description by Corr Contemporary Homes

This home was our most challenging build to date. Most projects are constrained by some issues whether it is time, cost, funding, the approvals process, technical issues or even just the neighbors. This project had them all and much more. There were several major redesigns before construction started and one during.

When we came on board the approval process had been stalled due to a strong and well organized opposition by the neighbors. By working closely with the city of Laguna Beach and the neighbors we put together a traffic management and construction plan that would allow construction to move forward.

The home itself is an Architectural gem with stunning whitewater views along the coast. The finished home is a architectural landmark in Laguna Beach.

Photography courtesy of Corr Contemporary Homes

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- by Matt Watts