Fence House by mode:lina

Located in Borówiec, Poland, this contemporary single family house was designed in 2016 by mode:lina.

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Description by mode:lina

In Borówiec near Poznań, once again a house designed by mode:lina™ studio was built. Form of this house: two blocks with a sloping roof and an asymmetric garage cube, is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional style. It is complemented with simple, raw materials: bricks, concrete and sheet in shades of gray.

The street facade has the least windows, protecting the inhabitants from the noise and gives them peace. In addition, various kinds of fences give them the sense of security. That’s where the house got the name from: the Fence House.

The shape of this building was dictated by its function. Household members, parents and two children, wanted to live independently. Hence the idea of dividing it into two parts. Separate area on the first floor allows adults to enjoy tranquility while kids can go crazy in their “own house”.

Ground floor is a common part for all inhabitants. There’s the unique kitchen extended into the garden and a large living room with mezzanine, reaching the attic. An unusual feature is the window in the hallway, which exhibits the owner’s unique car inside a graphite garage cube.

Window openings allow you to look inside from one zone to the another. Huge glazing connects the kitchen and the dining area with the garden and the surrounding forest.

The living room is a large, open space, where the irregular window theme appears, exposing the natural exterior. The most interesting part of the room is a mezzanine with library, based on the large steel beams. Bookshelves were built with old oak beams, one of Poznan’s old townhouse.

By chance, the chosen parcel is adjacent to the already existing House On The Rocks.

Photography by Marcin Ratajczak

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- by Matt Watts