House in London by Emergent Design Studios

House in London is an inspiring townhouse redesigned by Emergent Design Studios situated in London, United Kingdom.

Sleek modern living room with geometric wall panels, plush seating, and a grand chandelier.
Modern living room with sleek shelving, vibrant accent chair, and framed car artwork.
Bright, modern living space with sleek furniture, vibrant accents, and open staircase.
Sleek, modern kitchen with dark cabinetry, glass-walled staircase, and open layout.
Clean, modern interior with built-in shelving, workspace, and glass staircase.
Modern floating stairs with glass balustrades and a wooden floor in a minimalist interior.
A modern, minimalist interior with glass walls, natural light, and a view of the garden.
Elegant bathroom design with mosaic tile walls, glass shower enclosure, and modern fixtures.

About House in London

House in London, designed by Emergent Design Studios, is a stunning example of contemporary style in a 19th-century Lion House. Located in Fulham, London, this townhouse seamlessly blends historical charm with modern design.

A Contemporary Exterior

The exterior of House in London maintains the traditional brickwork of the 19th-century Lion House. Large glass panels provide a modern contrast, enhancing natural light flow. These extensions respect historical constraints while offering a contemporary look.

Elegant Interiors

Step inside to find a living room that combines comfort and style. Neutral tones dominate, with plush seating and a geometric screen divider that adds visual interest. A glass coffee table and modern light fixture complete the space.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the design features sleek cabinetry and an island that serves as a focal point. The use of dark wood contrasts beautifully with the light flooring and walls, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, boasts an open plan with plenty of natural light. Glass doors open to the exterior, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

Descending to the basement, the connection to upper levels through light wells and glass floors is evident. The basement offers a spacious play area for children, highlighted by ample storage and a minimalist design.

The bathroom continues the contemporary theme with a glass-enclosed shower, modern fixtures, and elegant tiling. The use of grey and white tones adds a sophisticated touch.

Upstairs, a home office is both functional and stylish. Built-in shelving provides ample storage, while the large desk area offers plenty of workspace. Natural light floods the room, creating an ideal environment for productivity.

Finally, the bedroom is a serene retreat with a focus on comfort. Soft textiles, muted colors, and thoughtful design details ensure a restful ambiance.

House in London by Emergent Design Studios exemplifies the perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary design, creating a flexible and welcoming family home.

Photography by NAARO

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- by Matt Watts