Apartment in Athens by GEM Architects

Completely redesigned by GEM Architects, Apartment in Athens is a minimalist dwelling situated in the capital of Greece.

Spacious, minimalist living room with sleek black and white furniture, track lighting, and fireplace.
Spacious, minimalist living space with sleek black kitchen, wooden flooring, and track lighting.
Spacious, modern interior with clean lines, track lighting, and minimalist furniture.
Modern kitchen and dining area featuring sleek black cabinetry, track lighting, and wood flooring.
Sleek, modern interior with minimalist furniture, track lighting, and large windows.
Minimalist bedroom with built-in wardrobe, shelving, and neutral tones throughout.
Modern, minimalist bedroom with sleek, white walls, hardwood flooring, and accent lighting.
Minimalist bedroom with gray walls, built-in storage, and recessed lighting.
Minimalist bathroom with white concrete sink and recessed lighting, modern design.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a concrete vanity and recessed lighting fixtures.

About Apartment in Athens

The owners inherited this 190 m² (2045 sq ft) flat in a northern suburb of Athens. The eclectic decor and abundant ornamentation clashed with their modern lifestyle.

Creating Minimalist Open Spaces

The design aimed to create minimalist open spaces that promote a sense of calm. They used a simple palette of materials and textures. They demolished all interior walls in the living room to open up the space and unify functions. They covered all niches to create straight lines and rectangular spaces.

Warm Grey Walls and Bold Contrasts

They used a special stucco technique on the walls to achieve a warm light grey color with natural variations. In contrast, elements like the kitchen, tables, library, fireplace, heating devices, and lighting fixtures are anthracite black. This strong contrast creates a striking visual effect.

Unified Minimalistic Bathrooms

In the bathrooms, they used natural grey cement mortar on walls and floors to maintain a unified minimalist look. They custom-made the basins and shower walls from cement board for consistency.

Most lighting fixtures are incorporated into the ceilings. However, they used spot fixtures on rails in the living room, library, and kitchen to highlight key areas.

Photography by Costas Vergas

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- by Matt Watts