Perhushkovo Apartment by Geometrium

Designed for a young man by Geometrium, this small 474 sq ft apartment is situated in Moscow, Russia.

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Description by Geometrium

The apartment of 44 m2 is designed for a young man. The main wish of the customer bachelor nest loft.

By itself, the loft includes large industrial premises converted into a living space, but we managed to achieve an atmosphere of style and vintage, using its elements. The main materials in the decoration of the apartment: brick, solid wood, natural stone — slate and wood veneer in furniture finishing.

The apartment will be used as a place to rest and sleep during the week and sometimes as a mini like this place at the weekend for a company of 5-6 people.

One of the main wishes in terms of functionality, it features a separate bedroom. The customer really wanted to sleep on a bed rather than a sofa bed.

Functionally, we shared an apartment in the following areas: entrance hall, bathroom with shower, kitchen-living room-dining room, bedroom.


Entering the apartment on the right side we have arranged closet with mirrored doors, allowing you to see yourself in a full-length, visually increases the space hallway twice. In this cabinet can remove outer clothing and shoes.

Sliding doors are located opposite the entrance. One door has been veneered to match the solid wood floor, it opens up access to the cupboard with a washing machine and dryer, the second has a white color, is the entrance to the bathroom. Thus, we have achieved space savings due to bunched door to each other.

The kitchen-living-dining room:

The customer does not plan to cook a lot at home (basic bachelor dish — scrambled eggs and cereal in the morning), so the kitchen accommodates only the bare essentials:
small refrigerator company Smeg retro style;

hob 2 burners;

oven with microwave function;

Built-in dishwasher;


boxes for storing dishes and products.

The function performs a dining table bar, which, in turn, divides the functional space and can accommodate guests. Inside the bar is made of the regiment, which is designed for storing small set of DJ equipment.

Center of the composition living room and dining area is a wall with plaster microconcrete where a TV and a projector screen.

The projector screen is built into the constructed structures on the ceiling and extends with the push of a button. At the bottom is a built-in cupboard on the wall technique. Functionally, this cabinet will be used not only for the storage of equipment, but also for guests, as it will be possible to sit down. Since Wall cold and it is brought to the battery, we placed 2 small built-in sink in the cabinet at the corners.

Area Bedrooms:

The bedroom we have placed on the podium. Thus, visually separated zone without walls + is allowed to place the sofa on the windowsill, who wanted to make the customer. At the podium there is a niche where the bed is integrated design with a lifting mechanism, which put a mattress. Headboard we made soft pillows so you can sit down with his elbows on them and read a book before going to bed or sit in iPads. All of the head is made of veneered structure that wraps up on the windowsill and becomes a place for rest. The wall behind the headboard isolated decorative plaster under the concrete. From above it is highlighted Wholesale Led ribbon to emphasize the texture of the material.
Opposite the window — the wall between the shower and bedroom made of glass blocks, which allows you to let the natural light in the shower.

WC with a shower:

The main wish of the customer — to create an intimate atmosphere and gloom. Bright light in the bathroom was not welcome. Therefore, in the decoration, it was decided to use natural stone slate in conjunction with the board of teak.

Teak board decorate the walls and the ceiling in the bathroom + pallet.

Built-in shelving side of the table top also has a sliding door from the teak planks, which moves with an ode to the other side, revealing some shelves and closing others. The trick rack design that the rear wall of shelves can be cleaned, thereby opening access to risers. Thus, we avoid the use of sanitary manholes.

Shower allocated the same slate, but in a smaller format with relief. He also highlighted Wholesale Led ribbon to emphasize the decorative properties of the material.


Designed as a recreation area and storage.

The customer likes to smoke hookah. On one side of the balcony, we placed a sofa, where you can lie down and smoke a hookah, looking at the nature outside. Over a sofa there is a small shelf for storage of tobacco and other accessories.

On the reverse side — a small enclosure depth, it hides the air filtration unit, which is prohibited by the rules of the construction company to make the facade. Under the unit will be located collapsible dryer.

Ready visualization of the project and developed the design. At this stage, we prepare estimates to finishing materials and furniture and will start to prepare drawings for repairs.

Photography courtesy of Geometrium

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- by Matt Watts