Piara Waters House by 101 Residential

Situated in Piara Waters, Australia, Piara Waters House is a contemporary single family residence designed by 101 Residential.

Elegant open-concept living area with plush seating, glass coffee table, and scenic views.
Luxurious living room with sleek furniture, plush rug, and modern lighting fixtures.
Spacious, modern living room with plush sofa, glass coffee table, and access to outdoor deck.
Spacious, modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with minimalist decor and natural accents.
Bright, minimalist kitchen with white cabinetry, wooden stools, and lush outdoor view.
Bright, modern kitchen with sleek white cabinets, minimalist island, and tropical garden view.
An open-concept living space with contemporary furnishings, sleek copper pendant lights, and a wooden dining table.
A modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, wooden dining table, and copper pendant lights.
Serene bedroom with a dramatic abstract mural, minimalist furniture, and warm lighting.
Spacious modern bedroom with navy blue accent wall, large windows, and mid-century style furniture.
Sleek, modern bathroom with geometric tiled backsplash, vanity, and walk-in shower.
Sleek modern exterior with angled roofline, expansive glass walls, and landscaped deck.
Contemporary two-story home with sleek, angular architecture, large windows, and landscaped yard.

About Piara Waters House

Located in the heart of Piara Waters, Australia, the Piara Waters House is a testament to contemporary design. Designed by 101 Residential, this house seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functional living spaces.

Striking Exterior Design

The exterior of Piara Waters House is an architectural masterpiece. The clean lines and large windows invite natural light, enhancing its modern appeal. The front facade features a sleek, minimalist design, with a mix of materials that add depth and interest. The expansive balcony offers an inviting outdoor space, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the scenic views.

Open-Concept Living Area

Step inside to a spacious, open-concept living area. The living room, with its neutral palette and plush seating, exudes comfort and style. The glass coffee table and decorative pillows add a touch of sophistication. The room flows effortlessly into the dining area and kitchen, creating a perfect space for entertaining.

Modern Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is a chef’s dream. It features sleek white cabinetry, a large island with barstools, and state-of-the-art appliances. The adjacent dining area is illuminated by modern pendant lights, and the large windows provide a beautiful backdrop of greenery. This setup ensures a bright and airy atmosphere, ideal for family meals and gatherings.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The house boasts an impressive indoor-outdoor connection. Large sliding doors open up to an outdoor dining area, seamlessly extending the living space. This area is perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining, with ample room for a large dining table and chairs. The surrounding landscaping adds a touch of nature, creating a serene outdoor retreat.

Luxurious Bedrooms

The bedrooms at Piara Waters House offer a blend of luxury and comfort. The master bedroom features a bold accent wall and ample natural light. The ensuite bathroom, accessible through a sleek sliding door, includes modern fixtures and a spacious layout. Other bedrooms continue the theme of modern elegance, with comfortable bedding, stylish decor, and thoughtful design elements.

Functional and Stylish Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Piara Waters House are designed for both function and style. Featuring contemporary fixtures, clean lines, and high-quality materials, these spaces offer a spa-like experience. The use of large mirrors and strategic lighting enhances the sense of space and luxury.


Piara Waters House by 101 Residential exemplifies contemporary living in Piara Waters, Australia. Its thoughtful design, both inside and out, creates a harmonious blend of style and functionality, making it a standout in modern residential architecture.

Photography courtesy of 101 Residential

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- by Matt Watts