Domus Aurea by GLR Arquitectos

Domus Aurea is a minimalist single family residence located in Monterrey, Mexico, designed in 2015 by GLR Arquitectos and Estudio Alberto Campo Baeza.

Sleek, modern white building with glass facade and trees in foreground against blue sky.
Spacious room with large windows, neutral-toned furniture, and wooden accents creating a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
A modern, open-plan living space with a marble-topped bar, wine shelves, and plush sofas.
Spacious, minimalist living room with large palm plants, wooden furniture, and open kitchen.
Sleek, modern bar area with marble countertop, glass wine display, and hanging pendant lights.
A minimalist dining room with a sleek wooden table, white chairs, and a vibrant abstract artwork.
Sunny living room with high ceilings, glass coffee table, and vibrant artwork.
Spacious, contemporary bedroom with minimalist decor, large windows, and built-in storage.
Minimalist bedroom design with monochromatic color scheme, built-in shelving, and large artwork.
Minimalist modern bedroom with built-in TV unit, recessed lighting, and soft, neutral tones.
Spacious, minimalist entryway with stone wall, wooden bench, and marble door frame.
Modern bathroom with sleek marble walls, floating vanity, and ornate vase accents.
Modern, minimalist exterior with geometric shapes, expansive windows, and a lush green lawn.
A modern, minimalist villa with a stunning infinity pool overlooking a mountainous landscape.

About Domus Aurea

We found “Sorteo Tec’s House 202” in an exclusive area of Monterrey. The home offers an incredible view of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Tribute to Barragán and Goeritz

The residence honors Barragán, a famous Mexican architect known for his use of light. This project reinterprets his style with a golden sheet-covered wall, paying homage to artist Mathias Goeritz. The shining wall gives the home a magical touch, reminiscent of a modern Domus Aurea.

Innovative Design and Layout

The design merges two double-height spaces at the center, creating three interconnected areas. The golden wall, at the middle level, brightens with sunlight from the south. This light reflects onto the main floor and terrace.

Spacious Ground Floor

The ground floor houses public spaces, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, lounge, home theater, and bar. These areas offer ample space for entertaining and relaxation.

Comfortable and Connected Upper Levels

Upstairs, the bedrooms line the sides of the floor. The central reading area overlooks the double-height living room below, creating a sense of openness and connection.

Rooftop Pool with Stunning Views

The rooftop pool offers views of the reading area and golden wall on one side. On the other side, enjoy the majestic Sierra Madre Oriental.

Photography courtesy of GLR Arquitectos

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- by Matt Watts