Apartment P by Nomade Architettura Interior Design

Designed in 2016 by Nomade Architettura Interior Design, Apartment P is a luxurious home situated in Milan, Italy.

Elegant modern living room with minimalist furnishings, ornate artwork, and geometric lighting.
Stylish living room with modern furniture, vibrant artwork, and sleek design elements.
Striking modern dining space with bold artwork, geometric lighting, and minimalist furnishings.
Sleek, modern kitchen with marble island and dramatic light fixture centerpiece.
High-contrast bathroom with sleek wood vanity and black walls, creating a modern aesthetic.
Cozy bedroom with minimalist furnishings, pastel accents, and a charming panda-themed artwork.
Minimalist bedroom decor with a vibrant abstract painting, tufted headboard, and modern furnishings.
Spacious bedroom with sleek shelving, tufted headboard, and modern pendant lighting.
Elegant modern bathroom with sleek black metal fixtures, marble surfaces, and minimalist decor.
Elegant marble shower enclosure with black accents and modern fixtures.
Luxurious bathroom with elegant white marble, chrome fixtures, and a large window.
Luxurious marble-clad shower with glass enclosure and modern chrome fixtures.

About Apartment P

Located in a lovely residential area of Milan, this apartment belongs to an elegant 1930s complex.

Family-Centric Design

The project catered to a family of six: parents and four children aged 0 to 7. They needed a Milan apartment for occasional visits. The goal was to create a homey atmosphere, blending English elegance with Italian design.

Open and Connected Spaces

We aimed to open up the space, visually connecting rooms. The entrance, designed as a white treasure chest, leads to the living room, kitchen, and night area. Full-height custom glazed doors link the living room and kitchen. These doors serve as decorative panels when open and elegant doors when closed.

Elegant Living Room

Natural light fills the living room through windows facing a park. Sculptural ceiling lights add elegance. A painting hides the TV, moving up or down as needed.

Sophisticated Kitchen

The kitchen features a custom design with a Calacatta marble island. Chandeliers create a blend of classic and modern styles.

Private Areas and Unique Bedrooms

A long corridor, with white moldings and hidden wardrobes, leads to the private area. The corridor ends with a wallpapered wall hiding a secret vanity. The girls’ bedroom resembles a dollhouse, with a romantic bow window and sofa, creating a whimsical Peter Pan-like atmosphere. The kids’ bedroom is simple and playful, while the main bedroom features a custom fabric wardrobe.

Bathroom Designs

Special attention was given to the bathrooms. The guest bathroom combines dark grey resin with Calacatta Vagli marble. This creates a striking contrast. The main bathroom, connected to the bedroom, is luminous with white Calacatta marble, adding a touch of romance. The final bathroom has a strong geometric design, decorated with a unique pattern of white and black marble.

Photography courtesy of Nomade Architettura Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts