Tiny House by E-E-P-A

Designed by E-E-P-A, Tiny House is a modern concrete house situated in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

A modern architectural design featuring a wooden structure with shuttered windows, showcasing a concrete kitchen counter surrounded by tropical foliage.
A striking architectural structure with a wooden facade and a concrete pedestal, nestled among lush greenery.
Concrete interior with wood accents, geometric stairs, and a framed view of a tree.
Concrete interior with wooden accents, geometric stairs, and a marble countertop.
Rustic concrete kitchen with wooden shutters and a view to a lush outdoor space.
Modern outdoor kitchen with concrete countertops, wooden shutters, and natural vegetation.
Minimalist concrete cabin with wooden shutters overlooking a lush green landscape.
Minimalist concrete bathroom with a towel hanging on the wall and a concrete sink.
Minimalist concrete beach house with rectangular pool surrounded by lush greenery.
A modern, concrete structure with wooden window frames and lush, tropical foliage.

About Tiny House

Welcome to “Tiny House,” a modern concrete home designed by E-E-P-A and located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Completed in a minimalist style, this house merges design innovation with the rugged landscape.

Exploring the Exterior

Tiny House stands out with its strong, clean lines and the extensive use of concrete and wood. The exterior boasts large wooden shutters that provide privacy and temperature control. Each building is positioned to enhance the natural light and airflow, creating an inviting outdoor space that includes native vegetation and a sleek swimming pool.

Entering the Interior

The entrance opens to a straightforward, functional layout that prioritizes natural materials and light. The main living area is a blend of gray concrete surfaces and warm wooden accents, a theme that extends throughout the home.

Room by Room Tour

Kitchen and Dining Area:

Immediately noticeable is the open kitchen with a central concrete island, surrounded by robust wooden cabinetry. This area, designed for practicality and style, directly connects to the outdoor dining space, making it perfect for gatherings.


The bedroom features a wide window that frames the surrounding nature, ensuring the landscape is part of the interior experience. The simple, serene setup emphasizes functionality, with built-in concrete shelves and wood finishes.


Continuing the theme, the bathroom combines concrete with natural light, which enters through strategically placed narrow windows. It’s equipped with modern fittings that complement the raw textures of the walls.

Upper-Level Retreat:

The staircase leads to an upper-level retreat that serves as a quiet space to relax. Here, the mix of open windows and high ceilings invites contemplation or a peaceful reading session, with views that connect the interior with the natural world outside.

Tiny House is more than a home; it’s a statement of living simply and sustainably in modern architecture, designed thoughtfully by E-E-P-A to integrate with its environment in Puerto Escondido.

Photography by Camila Cossio

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- by Matt Watts