Villa Vergelle by Special Umbria

Situated in Montalcino, Italy, Villa Vergelle is a Tuscan villa redesigned by Special Umbria.

Spacious, open-concept living area with rustic wood accents, modern gray furniture, and a cozy seating arrangement.
Rustic, industrial-inspired kitchen with fireplace, wooden beams, and potted plants.
Minimalist dining space with white chairs, wooden table, and hanging light fixture.
Modern open-concept loft with wood, stone, and industrial elements; sleek kitchen.
Minimalist interior with wooden stairs, metallic handrails, and large windows overlooking nature.
A modern open-plan interior with wooden stairs, metal railings, and a display shelf.
A modern, minimalist interior with a concrete floor, shelves displaying books, and a black-framed coat rack.
Open-concept bedroom with minimalist concrete bathroom, wooden accents, and large window.
Rustic bunk bed with wooden beams, shelving, and storage compartments in a cozy room.
Rustic wooden vanity with three vessel sinks, mirrored wall, and minimalist decor.
A modern bathroom with concrete walls, shelves, and a vessel sink on a minimalist vanity.
A rustic brick building with a large arched window and an outdoor dining area on a grassy lawn.
Lush green landscape with in-ground pool, chic lounge chairs, and brick patio.

About Villa Vergelle

Special Umbria managed the restoration of Villa Vergelle, completing it in July 2012. Located not in Umbria, but in picturesque Tuscany, this modern, contemporary villa offers a unique blend of styles.

Unique Design in Val d’Orcia

Situated in the renowned Val d’Orcia, close to Montalcino, Pienza, and Montepulciano, Villa Vergelle stands out. Its exterior honors traditional Tuscan architecture, while the interior features a bold, industrial design. You’ll find concrete floors, iron ceilings and pilasters, a striking kitchen with vintage wood, and bathrooms finished in Moroccan Tadelakt.

Lush Gardens and Luxurious Amenities

The villa is encircled by a vast garden, home to towering cypresses and ancient oaks and pines. Centrally located in the garden is a 6 x 12 meter (about 20 x 39 feet) pool, complete with high-quality garden and pool furniture.

Accommodations and Living Spaces

Villa Vergelle features three bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom. Two are double bedrooms, and one boasts a modern bunk bed design, suitable for both children and adults, with mattresses 2 meters (about 6.6 feet) wide. The living space spans approximately 100 m^2 (about 1076 ft^2), and includes an open cooking area, a large dining/working table, and a comfortable sitting room.

Exclusive Management and Unforgettable Experiences

Under the exclusive management of SpecialUmbria, Villa Vergelle epitomizes luxury. Every detail is thoughtfully considered to ensure guests have a memorable stay. Whether for a family vacation or a creative retreat, this villa promises an exceptional experience in one of Tuscany’s most special settings.

Photography by Kristian Septimius Krogh

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- by Matt Watts