Holiday House in Cap Ferret by Atelier Du Pont

Holiday House in Cap Ferret is a contemporary retreat situated in Cap Ferret, France, designed in 2016 by Atelier Du Pont.

Modern wooden house with glass walls, pool, and outdoor furniture in lush forest setting.
A modern, bright living space with an orange, tufted sofa, triangular window, and minimalist decor.
Colorful pendant lights, minimalist furniture, and an open kitchen design create a modern, inviting space.
Spiral staircase in modern, minimalist architecture with clean lines and neutral tones.
Minimalist bunk beds with circular windows and black ladder against concrete walls.
Minimalist bedroom with angled skylight window, textured wall, and geometric patterned pillows.
An opulent indoor pool table nestled in a modern glass-walled space with lush garden views.
Sleek modern home with pool, deck, and lush natural surroundings. Architectural details.
Striking architectural design with modern lines, glass walls, and pool integration.
Sleek, modern structure among lush foliage, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows.

About Holiday House in Cap Ferret

Eco-Conscious Design in Cap Ferret

This project in Cap Ferret aims to minimize its impact on the local greenery. The terrain slopes gently toward the sea, featuring a grove of strawberry, palm, and pine trees characteristic of the area. The design of the house harmonizes with the landscape, reminiscent of a wood cabin. It features large visual openings that enhance the connection with the surrounding nature.

Preserving Natural Beauty

The placement of the house helps preserve the site’s existing trees, reducing environmental disruption. The slanted roofs contribute to a lighter building silhouette and eliminate the need for gutters. This allows pine needles and leaves to slide off the roof effortlessly.

Integration with the Environment

The facade primarily uses wood to blend seamlessly with the pine grove. It also incorporates large glass openings that reflect the surroundings and add a sense of openness. This design approach not only respects the environment but also enhances the aesthetic value of the building.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Du Pont

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- by Matt Watts