Countryside Lane by BOSS Architecture

Countryside Lane is an inspiring private residence located in Littleton, Colorado, designed in 2015 by BOSS Architecture.

A spacious open-plan living area with a stone accent wall, wooden ceiling beams, and modern furniture.
Luxurious open-concept living space with sleek modern furnishings and lush outdoor views.
An open-concept living space with wooden beams, large windows, and a modern, minimalist design.
Elegant modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden accents, and integrated shelving.
A modern, wood-paneled dining room with a large, vibrant artwork and a stunning chandelier.
Vibrant textured wall art, modern wood furniture, and bold red chairs create an inviting ambiance.
Warm, modern bedroom with wood-beamed ceiling, large windows, and vibrant artwork.
A spacious bedroom with a wooden beamed ceiling, large windows, and a modern interior design.
Luxurious bathroom with modern wood-paneled ceiling, floating vanity, and artwork.
Modern bathroom with geometric wall tiles, marble vanity, and statement artwork.
Covered deck with slatted wood canopy, woven outdoor furniture, and reflecting pool.
Modern open-concept interior with wood-beamed ceiling, expansive windows, and sleek furnishings.
This modern structure features a wooden lattice facade and is elevated on concrete pillars, blending with the surrounding natural landscape.

About Countryside Lane

Welcome to Countryside Lane

Countryside Lane, a contemporary masterpiece by BOSS Architecture, stands proudly in Littleton, Colorado. Designed in 2015, this house merges modern design with the natural landscape.

First Impressions: The Exterior

The house’s façade uses muted tones and clean lines, offering a subtle hint at the sophistication that lies within. Approaching the entrance, visitors are greeted by a garden that uses native plants, blending seamlessly with the surrounding area. The structure itself, with large glass windows and minimalistic framing, invites natural light while providing scenic views.

Inside Countryside Lane

Entering the living room, the open-concept space features a stone fireplace and a beamed ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The living area transitions into the kitchen, where functionality meets sleek design. State-of-the-art appliances and spacious countertops make it ideal for cooking and entertaining.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area includes a long wooden table and contemporary seating, perfect for family meals or dinner parties. The nearby wine storage is visually striking, offering a practical yet stylish element to the space.

The master bedroom boasts expansive windows that frame the outdoor views, along with a high ceiling that enhances the room’s spaciousness. The en-suite bathroom continues the home’s luxurious theme, featuring modern fixtures and a large, walk-in shower.

For moments of solitude, the house includes a cozy study with built-in bookshelves and a desk overlooking the property. This room provides a quiet retreat for reading or working.

As we explore further, each bathroom in Countryside Lane displays unique designs and high-quality materials, reflecting the overall attention to detail found throughout the home. The guest bedrooms are equally well-appointed, offering comfort and style for visitors.

The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces is a key feature of Countryside Lane. Large sliding doors open to a patio area, creating a seamless flow for indoor-outdoor living. The landscaping is meticulously planned, featuring serene walkways and secluded seating areas.

In conclusion, Countryside Lane by BOSS Architecture is not just a house; it’s a carefully crafted home that respects its environment while providing a modern living experience. Its design is a testament to the possibilities of contemporary architecture, making it a standout property in Colorado’s real estate market.

Photography by Raul Garcia

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- by Matt Watts