Apartment in Milan by 23bassi Studio di Architettura

Apartment in Milan, Italy, is a bright dwelling designed in 2013 by 23bassi Studio di Architettura.

Sleek, modern living space with minimalist furniture, shelving, and large windows providing ample natural light.
Modern, minimalist living room with sleek, built-in shelves, white furnishings, and a large potted plant.
Modern and minimalist living room with sleek black built-in storage unit and natural wood flooring.
Sleek, modern kitchen featuring a dark countertop, minimalist white cabinetry, and recessed lighting.
Contemporary open-plan living space with minimalist furniture and modern decor.
Sleek, airy dining area with modern glass table, white chairs, and open shelving displaying decor.
Warm-toned bedroom with plush orange bed, curtains, and wooden furniture accents.
Sleek, modern bathroom with glass-enclosed shower, floating vanity, and tiled walls.
Minimalist bathroom design with black vanity, recessed lighting, and glass partition.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek black tiles, a large vanity, and a minimalist toilet.

About Apartment in Milan

Discovering Apartment in Milan

Stepping into the Apartment in Milan, designed by 23bassi Studio di Architettura, reveals a space that redefines modern living in the heart of Italy’s fashion capital. Created as a seamless blend of function and style, this apartment showcases contemporary design in its purest form.

A Living Space that Breathes

The living room sets a welcoming tone with its spacious layout. Natural light pours in through large windows, highlighting the subtle contrasts between the sleek black sofa and the vibrant area rug. The wooden flooring, a consistent element throughout the home, adds warmth to the minimalistic charm of the room.

Contemporary Simplicity in Dining

The dining area maintains the theme with a clear glass table surrounded by white chairs. Pops of color from decorative pieces disrupt the monochrome palette, offering a visual feast that complements the physical one to come.

Culinary Perfection

The kitchen is a vision of efficiency, where black countertops meet white cabinetry. State-of-the-art appliances are discreetly integrated, promising culinary adventures that are as delightful to prepare as they are to indulge in.

A Study in Contrast and Comfort

Transitioning to the bedroom, a bold orange bedspread provides a striking focal point. This room mixes practicality with a personal touch, seen in the unique artwork and classic furniture that tell a story of their own.

A Reflection of Style

Bathrooms in the Apartment in Milan contrast dark, textured tiles with clean lines and reflective surfaces. Modern fixtures ensure comfort and convenience, while a consistent design language speaks to the apartment’s cohesive aesthetic.

In this apartment, every detail is a statement of modern design that pays homage to the vibrant city of Milan. It invites residents and guests alike to experience contemporary living at its finest.

Photography by Marco Curatolo

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- by Matt Watts