Home in Toronto by Laura Hay Decor & Design

Designed in 2015 by Laura Hay Decor & Design, Home in Toronto is a luxury townhouse is located in Toronto, Canada.

Elegant living room with sleek gray sofas, fireplace, and minimalist lighting fixtures.
Spacious contemporary living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, gray furniture, and minimalist decor.
A modern, open-concept living room with sleek furnishings, neutral tones, and a striking light fixture.
Modern kitchen with sleek black pendant lights, white countertop, and wood cabinetry. Stylish living room visible in the background.
Modern kitchen design with white upper cabinets, wooden lower cabinets, and stainless steel appliances.
Modern kitchen with sleek black pendant lights, white cabinets, and wooden accents. Cozy living area with gray sofas.
Modern kitchen with wood and white cabinetry, pendant lights, and a seating area.
A modern living room with a gray sofa, decorative pillows, and a bookshelf wall art.
This modern living room features sleek black cabinetry, wood paneling, and a large TV.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist design, recessed lighting, and built-in shelving.

About Home in Toronto

Stepping into Home in Toronto, one is immediately enveloped by Laura Hay Decor & Design’s vision of luxury, realized in this 2015 project. Situated in Toronto, Canada, this townhouse is a study in refined living, offering a fluid transition from the bustling cityscape to a private haven of style and comfort.

Inviting Living Spaces

The living room presents a chic array of clean lines and a muted color palette, setting a modern tone. White sofas accented with cool-toned pillows face a sleek fireplace, anchored by dark floor-to-ceiling tiles that provide a striking contrast. Ample natural light floods through large windows, draped with light curtains that sway with a soft grace, welcoming visitors into the home’s warm embrace.

Heart of the Home

A step away, the kitchen boasts a seamless blend of functionality and style. Dark chairs line the large island, inviting informal gatherings. Above, pendant lights with golden interiors offer a warm glow, complementing the wood finishes that frame the white cabinetry, creating a space where cooking and conversation flow effortlessly.

Private Quarters

The journey through the home leads to the bedroom, where a large bed serves as the centerpiece, flanked by symmetrical nightstands and lamps. The wall behind the bed features a geometric design, lending a sense of order and calm to the room. Plush carpets and a generous throw blanket echo the living room’s inviting textures, ensuring a restful retreat.

The home’s interior, a creation by Laura Hay, reflects a mastery of design that balances city living with personal sanctuary. Each room, while unique, speaks to a cohesive narrative of modern luxury, standing as a testament to thoughtful design in the heart of Toronto.

Photography by Gillian Jackson

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- by Matt Watts