Apartment in Budapest by Margeza

Designed by Margeza Design Studio, Apartment in Budapest is a 1,184 sq ft dwelling located in the capital of Hungary.

Eclectic modern interior with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and vibrant furnishings.
Bright, modern apartment with panoramic city view, colorful bedding, and playful decor.
Modern, minimalist space with sleek white walls, angular red accents, and potted plant.
Vibrant red accents complement the minimalist white kitchen design with modern appliances.
A modern dining area with vibrant red chairs, geometric table, and stylized flower vase.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with a unique shelving unit displaying colorful glassware.
Minimalist white staircase with built-in shelving displaying colorful decor.
A vibrant, nature-infused living wall with lush greenery complements the minimal, modern decor.
Bright, minimalist bedroom with slanted ceiling, large window, and colorful accents.
Modern, minimalist bathroom with red and white color scheme, floating vanity, and towel heater.
Elegant bathroom with marble-like tiles, freestanding tub, and modern fixtures.

About Apartment in Budapest

Embarking on a visual tour of the ‘Apartment in Budapest’—a creation by Margeza in the vibrant heart of Budapest, Hungary—reveals a home where light and color play in symphony. Designed with a contemporary style, this 110 sqm apartment invites an abundance of natural light that highlights its unique features and joyful energy.

A Cinematic Entrance

As one steps inside, the giant window in the living room frames the dynamic cityscape, turning it into a living mural. This space serves as a cultural bridge, offering a breathtaking view of the Danube and the Parliament. The clean, white backdrop of the walls and the reflective surfaces amplify the light, making the room glow.

Harmony in Design

Flowing from the living area, a distinctive, Budapest-shaped carpet marks the apartment’s location with a bright red dot—a thoughtful touch by Margeza. This leads to the dining area, where color bursts forth from the furniture, accent pieces, and a green wall that brings life indoors. Each room transitions smoothly, connected by a consistent design narrative.

Private Quarters with Panache

The private spaces of the apartment, including two bedrooms and a study, continue the theme. Clever use of space is evident in the built-in storage and strategic placement of art and color. The bedrooms are sanctuaries of comfort with plush bedding and pops of color that add warmth.

Margeza has transformed this apartment into a modern home that captures the essence of Budapest’s spirited atmosphere. It is a testament to the belief that a living space can both energize and comfort, serving as a canvas for the city’s changing face.

Photography by Erdőháti Áron / Körösi Péter / Tigram

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- by Matt Watts