Villa 430 by MORIQ

Villa 430 is a contemporary two-storey residence located in Hyderabad, India, designed by Moriq.

A modern, minimalist architectural design with a tranquil water feature and potted bonsai.
A modern, open-concept outdoor living space with layered textures and materials.
Vibrant, modern living space with colorful furniture, geometric lighting, and an open layout.
Plush living room with modern furniture, vibrant textiles, and sleek pendant lighting.
A modern living room with exposed ceiling beams, a large gray sofa, and a Buddha artwork.
Sleek, modern bathroom design with concrete ceiling, geometric lighting, and built-in bathtub.
Cozy and vibrant children's bedroom with rustic wood beamed ceiling and playful decor.
Modern bedroom with industrial-inspired decor, sleek furniture, and textured walls.
Expansive modern bathroom with natural stone tiles, minimalist bathtub, and lush plants.
Well-designed modern patio with minimalist concrete structures, greenery, and water feature.
A modern entrance with a wooden ceiling, concrete steps, and striped exterior walls.
Striking modern architecture with clean lines, warm lighting, and greenery accents.

About Villa 430

Welcome to Villa 430, a creation by the design house MORIQ that redefines modern living in Hyderabad, India. Completed with a contemporary flair, this two-story house invites light and air into its vast spaces, engaging with its environment in a dialogue of form and function.

A Modern Masterpiece

Approaching Villa 430, one is greeted by a striking play of geometry and light. The home’s exterior presents a bold statement with its crisp white facades and linear elements. Olive trees in modern planters punctuate the walkway, leading to a water feature that reflects the serene sky and structure.

Step Inside to Style

The transition from the outside in is seamless. The foyer boasts a minimalist design with a direct sightline to the rear of the home, reinforcing the open-plan concept. Photography adorns the walls, guiding visitors up a wooden staircase accented by sleek glass balustrades.

Moving through the living room, comfort meets style in a balance of cozy sofas and vibrant cushions. Natural light floods through large windows, casting dynamic shadows across the patterned area rugs and contemporary furniture.

Adjacent to the living area is a playful space where bold colors take center stage. Red-textured armchairs and a lively sofa create a vibrant conversation area, while artworks contribute to the dynamic interior landscape.

An Ode to Relaxation

Continuing the exploration, an outdoor lounge area reveals itself as an intimate space for relaxation. Here, one can soak in the panoramic view of the meticulously landscaped yard and the whispering breeze through the trees.

The bedroom, a study in tranquility and simplicity, combines cool tones and textured walls, serving as a backdrop to the sculptural furniture. A freestanding bathtub in the ensuite bath invites one to unwind amidst the contrasting raw and refined finishes.

In the child’s room, imagination is king. A pitched ceiling with exposed beams offers a sense of adventure while playful seating and a tent inspire stories and dreams.

Finally, the bathroom’s design captivates with a juxtaposition of industrial and luxury, where a suspended light fixture and exposed ceiling joists meet polished marble and sleek fixtures.

In every room, Villa 430 offers a lesson in contemporary design, showing how spaces can be both functional and strikingly beautiful. This house is not just a place to live; it’s a canvas that celebrates the art of modern architecture and design.

Photography courtesy of MORIQ


- by Matt Watts