Yarrow Point Home by Matt Jones Design

Yarrow Point Home is a contemporary two-storey residence located in Yarrow Point, Washington, designed by Matt Jones Design.

Bright, modern open-concept living space with hardwood floors, sleek kitchen, and cozy seating.
Bright, modern living room with sleek furnishings, hardwood flooring, and artful decor.
Spacious, open-concept living room with modern furnishings, large windows, and abstract artwork.
Minimalist living room with wooden furniture, metal accents, and a cowhide rug.
Spacious living room with contemporary fireplace, built-in storage, and large windows.
Elegant open-concept living area with modern furnishings, wooden accents, and abstract artwork.
Well-appointed modern kitchen with sleek wooden cabinetry, island counter, and pendant lighting.
Sleek modern kitchen with warm wooden cabinetry, white countertops, and stylish pendant lights.
Modern interior with open staircase, hardwood floors, and large windows overlooking trees.
A spacious, modern deck with a panoramic view of a sunset over a lake, surrounded by lush greenery.
A modern, expansive home with a cozy fire pit and seating area surrounded by lush landscaping.
Sleek, contemporary exterior with large windows, illuminated at night, surrounded by landscaping.

About Yarrow Point Home

Yarrow Point Home, a contemporary two-story house in Washington, is a masterpiece from Matt Jones Design. Stepping onto the property, the exterior greets you with a blend of natural materials and large, welcoming windows that promise a look inside the modern comforts awaiting.

A Modern Façade

As dusk sets, the Yarrow Point Home stands out with its sleek lines and warm, glowing windows that reflect a cozy atmosphere. The front façade, featuring a flat roof and two imposing garage doors, creates a striking statement against the evening sky.

Heart of the Home

Inside, the living room introduces you to the airy design that characterizes the home. Large sofas anchor the space, while the polished hardwood floors lead seamlessly to the kitchen area, where white countertops and dark wood cabinetry offer a tasteful contrast.

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen is a chef’s delight with state-of-the-art appliances and an inviting island that doubles as a casual dining spot. The open layout ensures that conversation flows freely between spaces.

Continuing the tour, a dining room with a unique chandelier becomes the perfect backdrop for intimate dinners. Transparent chairs and a fluffy rug add texture without overwhelming the senses.

Personal Retreats

Upstairs, the bedrooms provide private havens, each with large windows framing views of the Washington landscape. The décor is minimal, focusing on comfort and function without sacrificing style.

The outdoor spaces of Yarrow Point Home include a central courtyard with a fire pit that offers a warm gathering spot on cool nights. Up on the rooftop, the deck is an ideal vantage point for sunsets, with comfortable seating that invites relaxation and contemplation.

From the smartly laid-out interiors to the thoughtful outdoor amenities, Matt Jones Design’s Yarrow Point Home is a contemporary residence that reflects the ease of West Coast living, completed with clean lines and functional elegance.

Photography courtesy of Matt Jones Design

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- by Matt Watts