House Remodel by Elton R Construction

Redesigned by Elton R Construction, House Remodel is a contemporary residence located in Colorado, United States.

Spacious living room with modern fireplace, wooden furniture, and large window offering garden views.
A modern living room with large windows, gray sofas, and colorful abstract artworks.
Spacious, modern kitchen with sleek wood cabinetry, double sinks, and open-concept dining area.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wooden accents, island counter, and large windows overlooking nature.
Elegant staircase with wooden steps and modern glass railing leads to upper level.
A modern and spacious bathroom with a large tub, glass shower enclosure, and vanity.

About House Remodel

Introducing the House Remodel, a contemporary Colorado home redesigned by Elton R Construction. The house showcases a modern aesthetic that emphasizes simplicity and functionality.

A Warm Entrance

The journey begins in the welcoming entrance, where the dark tones of the sleek cabinetry contrast with the light wood stairs. This area, a prelude to the home’s design language, sets the tone with its clean lines and open feel.

A Living Room with a View

Moving forward, the living room presents itself as a space bathed in natural light. Large windows not only offer a panoramic view of the verdant outdoors but also illuminate the thoughtful arrangement of furniture. A fireplace, surrounded by neatly stacked firewood, stands ready to warm the crisp Colorado evenings.

Culinary Excellence

Adjacent to the living area is the kitchen, a testament to modern design and functionality. The island becomes the focal point, surrounded by high-tech appliances and minimalist white chairs. The dining table extends from the kitchen island, creating a seamless space for meals and conversation.

The Private Quarters

Up the wooden staircase, a corridor leads to the more private areas of the home. The bedrooms, continue the theme of clean lines and light, ensuring restful retreats for the end of each day.

A Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom reveals meticulous attention to detail with its expansive mirrors and a skylight that invites natural light to spill over the twin vanities and into the shower area. Here, form and function align to create a space that feels both refreshing and restorative.

In every room, the House Remodel by Elton R Construction offers a slice of contemporary Colorado living. This real estate, with its crisp architecture and thoughtful interior, redefines a house into a home.

Photography courtesy of Elton R Construction

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- by Matt Watts