Casa Carrara by Mario Martins Atelier

Casa Carrara is a modern single-family house located in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, designed in 2017 by Mario Martins Atelier.

Modern minimalist residence with clean lines, large windows, and surrounding vegetation.
Modern beachfront home with sleek, geometric architecture, infinity pool, and elegant outdoor seating.
A modern living room with sleek furniture, dark accents, and large windows providing abundant natural light.
Spacious, modern living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, minimalist furniture, and eclectic decor.
Sleek, modern kitchen and dining area with glass walls, natural rattan seating.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist design, gray accents, and sophisticated lighting.
Spacious bedroom with modern furniture, coastal artwork, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Modern bedroom with large windows offering scenic view, minimalist furnishings, and warm accents.
A modern bathroom with a white bathtub, marble walls, and a wooden stool.
Modern minimalist patio with sleek furniture, large windows, and desert landscaping.
Sleek, modern architecture with glass walls, infinity pool, and lounge chairs overlooking the ocean.
Sleek, minimalist architecture with a serene outdoor pathway featuring white stones and lush greenery.
Modern and minimalist white exterior with clean lines, wooden walkway, and pool.

About Casa Carrara

Welcome to Casa Carrara, a masterpiece designed by Mario Martins Atelier in 2017. Located in the stunning Praia Da Luz, Portugal, this modern house stands as a showcase of architectural brilliance.

Modern Elegance Meets the Sky

As we approach Casa Carrara, its stark white façade slices against the blue canvas of the sky. Broad, horizontal lines and expansive glass windows hint at a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. A solitary olive tree stands sentinel by the structure, hinting at the merging of nature and design.

Fluidity and Light: The Outdoor Experience

Circumnavigating the perimeter, the outdoor space is an invitation to luxuriate by the crystalline pool. Your gaze is pulled to the horizon where the blue of the pool seems to meet the sea, a dance of water and light.

Entering the living area, you’re welcomed by an expanse of space where minimalist furniture accents the clean lines. A neutral palette allows the ocean view to hold court through the generous windows.

The kitchen presents a sleek arrangement, with state-of-the-art appliances standing ready. Here, culinary creations are bound to flow as freely as the conversation around the chic, woven bar stools.

A sculptural staircase beckons us upstairs where the bedrooms provide a retreat. With plush bedding and strategic lighting, the space is a sanctuary designed for rest.

The bathroom exudes calm with its marble walls and an inviting tub. Here, one can unwind in a bath as natural light filters in, offering warmth and clarity.

Completing our tour, the terrace offers a final, sweeping view. This space epitomizes the house’s essence: a celebration of light, comfort, and architectural thought.

Casa Carrara invites you not just to observe, but to live within the artwork Mario Martins Atelier envisioned. Its modern style doesn’t just define a type of house; it articulates a way of living that is clean, bright, and connected to its Portuguese roots.

Photography by Vitor Almeida

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- by Matt Watts