House in Madrid by Ramón Esteve Estudio

House in Madrid is a contemporary concrete residence located in Spain, designed in 2017 by Ramón Esteve Estudio.

Modernist concrete and glass structure with cantilevered roofs surrounded by landscaped garden.
A contemporary one-story home with a flat roof, wooden walls, and a stone driveway.
Modern dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-paneled walls, and minimalist furnishings.
A modern open-concept living space with a wooden staircase, concrete walls, and large windows.
Minimalist, open-concept living room with concrete ceiling, built-in shelving, and expansive windows.
Minimalist living room with fireplace, wooden shelving, and panoramic windows overlooking greenery.
Minimalist kitchen design with sleek, modern cabinetry, large windows, and a central island.
The image shows a modern bedroom with large glass doors overlooking a lush garden. The interior features clean lines and neutral tones.
Minimalist bedroom with large windows overlooking lush greenery, wooden headboard, and recessed lighting.
A minimalist bathroom vanity with a concrete countertop, wooden drawers, and recessed lighting.
Striking ceiling design with intersecting wooden beams, modern outdoor furniture, and lush garden.
Sleek, contemporary home with extensive glass walls and balconies overlooking lush landscape.
A modern concrete and glass structure with a cantilevered roof and stone walls, surrounded by lush greenery.
A modern glass and concrete home with a wrap-around porch and steps leading to a lush landscaped garden.
Modern glass and concrete house with elevated porch, wooden deck, and landscaped yard.

About House in Madrid

A Forest Hideaway

Set between vast green spaces, woodlands, and pine trees, the Pine Forest home finds its place. Its plot, with a notable slope, boasts a lush Mediterranean garden filled with pine trees at its lowest point. At the summit, the house stands, masterfully overlooking the garden below.

Design in Contrast

This project plays with contrasting geometries: vertical pine trees set the natural backdrop, while the house sprawls horizontally. It becomes a magnificent viewpoint, harmoniously integrated into its surroundings.

The House as a Garden Platform

The house unfolds like a cascading balcony, seamlessly melding into the sloping terrain. Every room inside aligns with the breathtaking vistas offered by the land.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

A hallmark of the design is its spatial fluidity. Living areas merge through transparent elements like fireplaces and staircases. While the north facade remains guarded, minimizing openings, the south face is a clear window to the pines, shaded by an extensive porch.

Embracing Nature’s Palette

Adopting a palette of natural hues—beiges, browns, and greens—the house showcases materials in their raw form: wood, stone, and exposed concrete. The concrete undergoes a tinting process to echo the local stone’s color and texture, embracing nature’s imperfections and moisture as part of its charm.

Every room prioritizes practicality. The entry-level, perched above like a grand balcony, hosts communal spaces and the master bedroom. The ground floor, a few steps from the garden, includes living areas with direct outdoor access, fostering a deep connection with the natural surroundings.

Photography courtesy of Ramón Esteve Estudio

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- by Matt Watts