Beach House by Rooms by Eve

Beach House is a beautiful contemporary residence desinged by Rooms by Eve located in Boca Ranton, Florida, United States.

Bright, airy living space with modern furniture and large windows overlooking water.
Spacious, light-filled room with a wooden bar, abstract artwork, and modern furniture.
Spacious, modern living area with sleek white furniture, vibrant yellow chair, and coastal artwork.
Spacious modern living area with white marble floors, large abstract artwork, and glass walls.
Modern abstract art piece on the wall, complemented by a wooden table and minimalist vases.
Modern staircase with glass railings, wooden steps, and abstract sculpture in foyer.

About Beach House

Welcome to Beach House, a modern residence where simplicity meets sophistication in Boca Raton, Florida. Designed by Rooms by Eve, this house captures the essence of contemporary living with its clean lines and bright spaces.

Sophisticated Simplicity by the Sea

As you step into the airy living room, the sheer curtains billow gently, allowing natural light to flood the space. White, plush sofas invite relaxation while the open layout maintains a smooth flow into the dining area. Designed for gatherings, the dining space features a minimalist table and chairs, with a striking art piece serving as the backdrop.

Transitioning into the kitchen, functionality reigns with state-of-the-art appliances and sleek countertops. The kitchen’s design encourages social cooking experiences, thanks to its integration with the living areas. This seamless flow supports a lifestyle where entertainment and comfort are paramount.

A Stairway to Seaside Elegance

The staircase, with its wooden steps and gleaming metal railings, leads to the private quarters. Here, each bedroom offers a peaceful retreat with expansive windows framing views of the Florida sky. In the bathrooms, modern fixtures and clean designs create spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

Calm Coastal Retreat

Returning downstairs, the outside beckons through large glass doors, blurring the lines between indoor luxury and outdoor charm. The patio extends the living space, with comfortable seating that complements the home’s chic interior. Each detail of Beach House, completed by Rooms by Eve, showcases a deep understanding of modern architecture and interior design, making it a true standout in Boca Raton’s prestigious residences.

Photography by Ramos Marylinda

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- by Matt Watts