Castle Point by OBM International

Castle Point is a beautiful beach house located in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda, designed by OBM International.

Bright, airy living space with plush seating, wood furniture, and striking artwork.
Modern, light-filled living space with pastel sofas, patterned accents, and wooden furniture.
Bright, modern kitchen with blue cabinetry, pendant lights, and cozy banquette seating.
Minimalist kitchen design with pendant lights, wooden dining table, and stainless steel appliances.
Cozy dining nook with built-in bench, wicker table, and blue-accented decor; panoramic views.
Charming outdoor seating area with rustic furniture and coastal architecture beyond.
Spacious dining room with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and a rustic wooden table and chairs.
A cozy beach-inspired bedroom with large windows overlooking the water, decorated with colorful pillows.
A bright, airy interior with a wooden railing, framed fish art, and a wrought iron chandelier.
Expansive outdoor patio with stylish gray-and-blue furnishings, high ceilings, and glass doors.
A coastal cottage with a tiled roof, large palm tree, and warm interior lighting.

About Castle Point

Nestled on the idyllic easternmost point of Tucker’s Town, Bermuda, Castle Point emerges as a beacon of coastal design. Crafted by OBM International, this award-winning house gracefully balances the demand for a private family retreat with the lush landscape of its eight-acre domain. Featured in The Bermudian magazine, the estate, known for the historical marker Castle Folly, offers unrivaled views of Castle Harbour and Castle Islands. Let’s journey through this residence, room by room, to discover the thoughtfulness that OBM International imbued in every corner.

A Majestic Welcome

The approach to Castle Point reveals a house that respects its environment and history. Whitewashed exteriors and Bermuda roofs marry tradition with beach elegance, while the landscape blooms with native flora. At dusk, the soft glow of lights invites visitors into a world where design and nature coexist harmoniously.

Harmony in Living

The living room, awash in natural light, presents a relaxed yet refined space. A palette of soft blues and neutral tones reflect the coastal setting. Each furnishing speaks to comfort, encouraging gatherings and quiet moments alike. The inclusion of traditional Bermuda cedar in the furniture and accents nods to the island’s heritage.

The kitchen, the heart of the home, is a marvel of functionality and style. Its open-plan design extends to a quaint breakfast nook, providing panoramic views that ensure a delightful start to the day. Modern appliances and ample storage make it as practical as it is beautiful.

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining room offers an inviting atmosphere for meals. The space, grounded by a sleek, wooden table and accented by woven chairs, promotes conversation and enjoyment. Large windows draw the eye outward, merging the dining experience with the seascape beyond.

Intimate Corners

Transitioning to the private quarters, the master bedroom suite stands as a sanctuary. It’s a tranquil blend of comfort and simplicity, where one wakes to the gentle light of dawn reflecting off the water. Guest rooms follow suit, with touches of color and pattern providing character to each space.

In the media room, entertainment is enjoyed without compromising on style. Deep seating and state-of-the-art technology offer a cinema-like experience, enveloped in understated elegance.

Completing the interior tour, the downstairs basement doubles as a recreational room. Here, playful elements merge with a casual sophistication, echoing the home’s overall design ethos.

Each space within Castle Point, from the sunlit breakfast nook to the sprawling outdoor patios, is a testament to OBM International’s masterful approach to coastal living. This home, while grand in scope and design, remains an intimate retreat for those who reside within its well-considered walls. It stands not only as a point of pride for its owners but as a landmark project in Bermudian architecture.

Photography courtesy of OBM International

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- by Matt Watts