Kirb Appeal by Cortney Bishop Design

Designed by Cortney Bishop Design, Kirb Appeal is a traditional beach house located in South Carolina, United States.

Elegant entryway with a black staircase, white walls, and a patterned
Chic living room with abstract art, neutral tones, and striped rug.
Cozy living room with wooden beams, neutral tones, and large window view.
Elegant living room with a neutral sofa, wooden ceiling, and patterned rug
Modern kitchen with black and white decor, patterned floor tiles, and wooden bar
Contemporary dining space with wooden accents and an oversized pendant light.
Modern study with a round table, wooden chairs, built-in bookshelves,
Chic living room with tan leather sofa, patterned rug, and wooden accents
Elegant hallway with white walls, black ceiling, polka-dot runner, and
A bright hallway with white cabinetry, black ceiling, ladder, and a pol
Modern bathroom with a double sink, patterned floor, and gold-accented
Coastal-style bedroom with exposed beams and ocean view.
Modern bedroom with wooden ceiling beams, dark bed frame, and striped bedding.
Elegant bathroom with marble walls, freestanding tub, wooden vanity, and
Elegant two-story house with a curved wooden walkway

About Kirb Appeal

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s breezy coastline, Kirb Appeal presents a masterclass in traditional beach house design. Conceived in 2017 by the talented Cortney Bishop Design, this home invites nature and sophistication to coexist.

Serenity by Design

Our journey begins with the home’s stately exterior, a harmonious blend of classic lines and welcoming textures. The approach via a curving boardwalk sets the stage, guiding visitors through wild grasses to a facade that echoes the charm of historic South Carolina architecture.

A Welcoming Entrance

Stepping inside, the foyer unfolds with crisp shiplap walls contrasted by dark, elegant stair balusters, establishing a dialogue between light and shadow. This transitional space effortlessly leads guests into the heart of the home, promising warmth and elegance.

The living room’s design pivots around comfort and connection, with plush seating encouraging leisurely conversation. Natural light bathes the room, highlighting the rich textures of wood and fabric. Here, design transcends decoration, fostering an environment for memories to be made.

Adjacent to the living space, the dining room reveals a tableau of minimalist design and functional beauty. A striking wooden table, surrounded by sleek chairs, invites intimate dinners, while the overhead light fixture—a sculptural masterpiece—anchors the room in modernity.

Culinary Choreography

In the kitchen, Bishop’s vision comes alive with contrasts—bold black cabinetry against a white marble island, and contemporary stools lined up like notes on a staff, awaiting the symphony of meal preparation. Functionality dances with aesthetics, creating a space that’s both a chef’s dream and a designer’s pride.

The tranquil narrative continues into the bedrooms, where comfort is king. Textured rugs underfoot and a symphony of neutral tones promote rest and rejuvenation. Each room, a refuge, offers unique accents—be it a bespoke headboard or artfully selected throw pillows.

Finally, the bathrooms echo the home’s thoughtful design. Marble surfaces shine beside matte black fixtures and wooden vanities. Here, luxury is in the details—each choice intentional, each finish meticulous.

Kirb Appeal stands as a testament to Cortney Bishop Design’s ability to marry traditional beach house elements with contemporary flourishes. More than a showcase of design, it’s a space that embraces the easy rhythm of coastal living.

Photography courtesy by Cortney Bishop Design

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- by Matt Watts