House in Moscow by Love Interior

House in Moscow, Russia, is a contemporary residence designed by Love Interior.

Rustic brick wall, sleek TV console, modern furniture, and a striking chandelier set the tone.
Spacious open-concept living area with exposed wooden beams, brick accent wall, and modern lighting.
Modern, wood-paneled kitchen with industrial-style pendant lights and marble countertops.
A modern, minimalist foyer with concrete walls, recessed lighting, and a potted plant.
Cozy modern bedroom with exposed brick wall, abstract art, and plush bedding.
Cozy bedroom with wooden accent wall, pendant lights, and minimalist decor.
Muted color palette, abstract lighting fixtures, and framed artworks create a modern, minimalist bedroom.
Sleek modern bathroom with beige tile, freestanding vanity, and large framed mirror.

About House in Moscow

As the tapestry of Moscow unfolds, “House in Moscow” emerges, a residence designed by Love Interior, revealing a cutting-edge vision of living space. Situated in the heart of Russia’s vibrant capital, this house merges contemporary design with the unique character of the city. Created as a canvas of modernity, its outer shell stands stark against Moscow’s architectural backdrop.

Contemporary Moscow Living

Upon approach, the house’s facade presents a dialogue between privacy and openness. Large windows hint at the warm life inside, yet maintain a discrete presence amidst the urban landscape. Stepping through the threshold, the living room welcomes visitors with its brick walls and plush furnishings. Natural light floods in, dancing on the surfaces of metal and glass, a subtle nod to Moscow’s juxtaposition of old and new.

Refined Relaxation

Transitioning into the private quarters, the bathroom’s clean lines and creamy hues offer a calm respite. Here, form meets function with sleek fixtures and a freestanding tub, embodying the home’s contemporary ethos.

Unwinding in Style

The bedroom spaces are sanctuaries of rest, each with its own character. One boasts a minimalist elegance with a striking central light piece, while another exudes warmth through wooden accents. Despite their varied designs, both maintain a sense of cohesive tranquility.

Each room of “House in Moscow” speaks to a lifestyle of understated sophistication, seamlessly blending with the rhythm of city life. Love Interior has curated spaces that are not only visually stunning but deeply attuned to the dwellers’ experience—where every moment within its walls is a testament to contemporary Russian living.

Visualizations courtesy of Love Interior

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- by Matt Watts