Home 13 by i29 Interior Architects

Designed in 2017 by i29 Interior Architects, Home 13 is a modern loft apartment located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A modern, minimalist living space with a charcoal gray sofa, a low black coffee table, and a simple white candle.
Modern living room with built-in TV unit, black accent furniture, and wood paneling.
Minimalist open-plan living space with large windows, gray sofa, and art piece on the wall.
Modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek black island, wooden cabinets, and bar stools.
Minimalist modern kitchen and dining area with wooden accents and white walls.
Modern minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinetry, black countertop, and wooden bar stools. Open layout with staircase in background.
Minimalist modern kitchen with sleek black island, wooden cabinetry, and dining area.
Elegant open-concept kitchen and living space with sleek black and white decor.
Spacious attic room with white walls, slanted ceilings, and wooden flooring.
A minimalist bathroom design featuring a built-in vanity, large tub, and recessed mirror.

About Home 13

Transforming a Classic Amsterdam Loft

In Amsterdam’s de Pijp district, a former rental apartment underwent a major transformation by i29, turning it into a fresh and spacious loft. Initially, the space was cramped, with numerous rooms and limited daylight. The project’s primary goal centered on enhancing natural light use and creating an expansive feel.

A Unified Living Space

A single, integrated wall cabinet now unites the living, kitchen, and dining areas with a sweeping design. This multifunctional piece incorporates storage, a television cabinet, and a custom-designed kitchen, which remains out of sight behind two large sliding panels. Moreover, a striking black kitchen island, coupled with a tall table, stands centrally, delineating the area.

Cohesive Design Elements

The design employs a simple yet effective material palette: expansive oak wall panels, pristine white plastered walls, dark blue furniture, and light grey synthetic floors. This choice fosters a seamless aesthetic flow throughout the loft, balancing the bright, open space with darker, contrasting furniture.

Contrasts and Comfort

The furniture, in shades of black and dark blue, contrasts strikingly against the loft’s overall brightness. The top floor, home to two bedrooms and a bathroom, features a consistent white finish. This level’s design harmonizes with rough oak flooring, enhancing the loft’s airy ambiance. The inclusion of a built-in bath and a custom sink made from LG HiMacs integrates smoothly with the surrounding space, underscoring the loft’s cohesive design ethos.

By focusing on maximizing natural light and utilizing a thoughtful material scheme, this Amsterdam loft now stands as a testament to modern, spacious living. The transformation by i29 has not only redefined the use of space but also created an environment that feels both expansive and welcoming.

Photography courtesy of i29 Interior Architects

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- by Matt Watts