Contemporary House by KNS Architects

This inspiring contemporary house designed in 2015 by KNS Architects is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Stunning modern architecture with reflecting pool, tropical foliage, and elegant design features.
Modern tropical architectural design with expansive glass walls, overhanging roofs, and lush landscaping.
A modern, sleek building with geometric shapes, glass, and wood paneling, surrounded by lush greenery.
An inviting modern indoor-outdoor living space with lush plantings and minimalist decor.
Luxurious indoor courtyard with lush tropical plants, modern furniture, and warm lighting.
Sprawling living space with glass walls, plush leather seating, and a round glass-topped coffee table.
A modern, luxurious dining room with glass walls, plush purple chairs, and a chandelier.
Spacious, modern entryway with spiral staircase and glass railing, surrounded by nature.

About Contemporary House

Contemporary House: A Modern Marvel in Ahmedabad

In the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, stands Contemporary House, a modern residence designed by KNS Architects in 2015. This house combines sleek lines with a spacious design, inviting the outdoors inside.

An Architectural Statement in Glass and Concrete

Approaching the property, visitors are greeted by a bold, geometric facade. Clean, horizontal lines guide the eye across the white concrete and expansive glass windows, while strategic landscaping softens the modern aesthetic. The architects’ design promotes harmony between the building and its natural surroundings.

Moving inside, the transition is seamless. The entrance hall boasts a spiraling staircase, blending form with function. It sets the stage for the rest of the interior, where each room flows into the next. The living room welcomes with plush seating and towering glass walls, offering views of the verdant garden.

Design Details: From Grand Staircases to Intimate Spaces

Each space in Contemporary House serves a purpose. The dining area features a large table set against the backdrop of the garden, perfect for gatherings. In contrast, the lounge provides a more intimate setting, with soft lighting and comfortable sofas. Upstairs, the terrace serves as an urban retreat, complete with cozy furniture and greenery.

Every room in Contemporary House displays a balance of luxury and practicality. This home stands as a notable example of contemporary design in Ahmedabad, providing a blueprint for future architectural endeavors in the region.

Photography courtesy of KNS Architects

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- by Matt Watts