Lakestone Residence by Design Evolution Enterprises

Located in Lake Country, Canada, Lakestone Residence is a contemporary single family home designed in 2017 by Design Evolution Enterprises.

Modern living room with sleek fireplace, glass, and wood accents creating a warm, inviting space.
Expansive living room with a large linear fireplace, modern furnishings, and panoramic views.
Stylish modern living room with sleek fireplace, wooden accents, and recessed lighting.
Spacious modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a fireplace, and sleek furniture.
Sleek modern kitchen and dining room with geometric light fixtures, grey and wood tones.
Spacious, modern open-concept living space with sleek furniture, lighting fixtures, and hardwood floors.
Spacious kitchen with modern cabinetry, large island, and expansive windows overlooking scenic views.
Bright, modern kitchen with stunning ocean view and sleek, minimalist design.
Sleek, modern bathroom with large vanity, dual sinks, and recessed lighting fixtures.
Elegant bathroom with dual vanity, lighting fixtures, and decorative accents.
A striking bathroom design with bold, contrasting wood paneling and a modern black sink basin.

About Lakestone Residence

Welcome to Lakestone Residence, a contemporary house designed in 2017 by Design Evolution Enterprises. Overlooking Lake Country, Canada, this home is a testament to modern living.

A Contemporary Canadian Haven

Our tour begins with the striking facade. Clean lines and expansive windows set the stage, reflecting the sky and capturing the essence of the home’s surroundings. The interplay of natural materials and modern design invites visitors inside.

Inside Lakestone Residence

The entryway opens to a spacious living area. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in light, affording uninterrupted views of the landscape. A sleek fireplace anchors the space, offering warmth and a focal point for gatherings.

Adjacent to the living room, the kitchen is a chef’s delight. State-of-the-art appliances and white countertops contrast with dark cabinets, while the scenery outside competes for attention. A breakfast bar creates a casual dining space, just steps from the culinary action.

The Heart of the Home

Transitioning from the kitchen, the dining area is both practical and stylish. A large table welcomes family meals and festive celebrations alike. Overhead, unique light fixtures add character and warmth.

Next, the master bathroom epitomizes sophistication. Twin vanities offer ample space, and a large mirror reflects the well-thought-out interior. Here, form and function coexist in harmony.

Further exploring, we find the guest bathroom. Wooden slats adorn the walls, creating a dynamic and textured effect. Modern fixtures ensure comfort without compromising on style.

Completing our tour, the bedrooms offer privacy and comfort. With clean lines and soft lighting, they are sanctuaries for rest and relaxation.

Lakestone Residence stands as a shining example of contemporary design. It’s more than a house; it’s a home crafted for modern living, where every room tells a story of style and comfort.

Photography by Colin Jewall

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- by Matt Watts