Home in Amsterdam by Studio Modijefsky

Home in Amsterdam is an industrial single family home located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, designed in 2017 by Studio Modijefsky.

Modern living room with leather sofa, rug, and pendant lights under skylights.
A modern, minimalist living space with high ceilings, large windows, and a mix of contemporary furniture.
Spacious modern interior with high ceilings, exposed beams, and minimalist decor.
Contemporary open-plan living space with industrial-style furniture, lighting, and stairs.
Minimalist kitchen design with industrial-style furniture and lighting.
Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinetry, black appliances, and exposed metallic ducting.
Ornate brick facade with modern black metal-framed doors and windows, leading to a minimalist, rustic interior.
Sleek modern bedroom interior with large metal-framed windows, wooden paneling, and minimalist ladder.
Minimalist bathroom with white subway tiles, black fixtures, and a freestanding tub.
Minimal, sleek bathroom interior with subway tile walls, concrete floor, and a stone vanity.

About Home in Amsterdam

Revamping a Historic Atelier into Modern Living Spaces

Studio Modijefsky took on the task of transforming an atelier into two distinct apartments. The building’s rich history, combined with the clients’ backgrounds and needs, inspired the design concept. Originally a sewing factory and artist’s studio, the structure boasts abundant natural light, outdoor areas, high ceilings, and an open layout. The designers used a mix of raw materials—concrete, wood, fabrics, and carpets—and a palette of white, grey, green, and metallic frames to craft unique zones in each apartment, creating a personal sense of space.

Crafting Unique Spaces with Thoughtful Design

By utilizing the building’s existing columns, the team effectively split the space into two apartments, each featuring special attributes and efficient space utilization. One apartment offers an expansive open plan, while the other presents split-level living. This strategic division ensures that both apartments enjoy open areas, natural daylight, and a clever arrangement of functions and zones, both private and public.

A Closer Look at Apartment 1

In Apartment 1, the kitchen stands as the home’s focal point, bridging the dining and living areas seamlessly. Variations in ceiling height cleverly define different areas, fostering a unique flow throughout the apartment. The design integrates diverse zones, abundant light, and a variety of materials, enriched by distinctive details. A split-level bedroom maximizes the available height, adding character to the space, with each bedroom offering bathroom access.

Exploring Apartment 2’s Dynamic Layout

Apartment 2 adopts a playful approach with its split levels and bespoke staircases, challenging traditional ceiling heights and zoning. Natural light floods through the ceiling, illuminating the interior, while the tall ceilings accommodate split levels, creating extraordinary spaces. Moreover, the design anticipates future modifications, allowing Apartment 1 to transform from a one-bedroom with an open plan to a two or three-bedroom configuration. Similarly, Apartment 2 can adapt to serve as either a two or three-bedroom home, depending on tenant requirements.

In this transformation, Studio Modijefsky not only respected the building’s historical essence but also infused it with modern living solutions, ensuring each apartment offers a distinct living experience. This thoughtful redesign illustrates how spaces can evolve to meet contemporary needs while celebrating their historical roots.

Photography by Maarten Willemstein

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- by Matt Watts