Apartment in Malmö by Bjurfors Skåne

Apartment in Malmö is a modern Scandinavian style apartment located in Malmö, Sweden, designed in 2017 by Bjurfors Skåne.

A stylish living room featuring a modern TV stand, lush potted plants, and a cozy sofa.
Bright, airy living room with large windows, plush sofa, and decorative plants.
Minimalist living room with TV cabinet, shelving unit, and potted plant.
Cozy living room with rustic fireplace, wooden shelves, and leather accent chair.
Bright, modern dining space with clean lines, wood furniture, and decorative elements.
Spacious modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and large windows.
Ornate gold-framed mirror and elaborate floral centerpiece adorn the dining table.
A sleek, modern bathroom design with clean lines, minimalist fixtures, and a vessel sink.

About Apartment in Malmö

A Glimpse into Malmö’s Modern Living

Discover Apartment in Malmö, a Scandinavian haven designed by Bjurfors Skåne. In the heart of Malmö, Sweden, this apartment merges minimalist aesthetics with practicality, a hallmark of its 2017 design.

Enter into the living room, where light dances across the polished wooden floors to meet the soft hues of a spacious couch. Potted greenery and strategic splashes of color accentuate the room’s airy feel. This social hub reflects the Scandinavian knack for combining coziness with sleek modernism.

Transitioning from the living area, the dining space offers an inviting scene with its elegant table set under a sparkling chandelier. It’s a perfect spot for hosting, where design meets function, and meals are enjoyed with a view of the urban outdoors.

Culinary Clarity: The Kitchen

Step into the kitchen, where white cabinetry and marble backsplashes meet state-of-the-art appliances. It’s a space crafted for culinary exploration, stripped of excess and ripe with intention. Large windows ensure a flood of natural light, making every corner of the kitchen an invitation to cook and congregate.

Serene Sanctuary: The Bedroom

The bedroom, though not pictured, promises a continuation of the Scandinavian theme: a tranquil haven for rest. One can envision a bed dressed in crisp linens against a backdrop of tranquil walls, with ample light to usher in the morning.

Finally, the bathroom articulates the same modern minimalism seen throughout the apartment. It presents a sleek vanity and a walk-in shower, ensuring that even the routines of refreshment are enveloped in thoughtful design. Here, function is at the forefront, but not at the expense of clean, crisp beauty.

Apartment in Malmö stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design – a blend of the practical, the beautiful, and the peaceful in the midst of the city’s heartbeat.

Photography courtesy of Bjurfors Skåne

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- by Matt Watts