Modern Two-Story Residence

This beautiful modern two-story residence is situated in the United States.

Sleek, modern home with a long, narrow pool, surrounded by lush greenery and clear skies.
Sleek modern living room with wooden paneled wall, fireplace, and glass walls.
Modern, open-plan living room with large windows, curved sofa, and chandeliers.
Sleek modern kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, metal shelving, and an island countertop.
A modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, marble accents, and a scenic window view.
Chic marble-clad bathroom with modern freestanding tub and gleaming copper pendant light.
Sleek modern architecture with an infinity pool and lounge chairs overlooking nature.
Sleek, modern pool area with lounge chairs, surrounded by lush greenery and clear sky.
Minimalist modern home with sleek glass walls, pool, and reflection of sunset.
Striking modern architecture with illuminated glass facades and outdoor lighting.

About Modern Two-Story Residence

Welcome to the Modern Two-Story Residence, a showcase of modern architecture and design sophistication situated in the United States. This recently completed home stands as a seamless integration of contemporary form and functionality.

Modern Elegance: The Architectural Grandeur

We approach the home’s exterior, a bold statement of clean lines against the landscape. A stunning pool stretches along the facade, an invitation to embrace the outdoors, with an adjacent lounge area perfect for sunny days.

Inside the Modern Two-Story Residence

Step through the towering glass doors into the living room, where space and light collaborate to create an airy ambience. Furnishings are minimal, emphasizing the room’s generous dimensions and connection to the outdoors. Beyond the living area lies the heart of the home: the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and a central island offer both style and substance, catering to both family meals and grand entertaining.

Adjacent to the culinary space, the dining area presents a view outdoors, a perfect backdrop for mealtime conversations. Moving further into the home, the family room invites relaxation with its plush seating and modern fireplace—a space designed for comfort and intimate gatherings.

Intimate Spaces: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Ascend to the private quarters and discover bedrooms that offer tranquility and privacy, each with expansive windows framing the outside world. The bathrooms, including a master with a freestanding tub and marble accents, offer a personal spa experience.

As the day ends, the house’s illuminated exterior provides a warm welcome. The Modern Two-Story Residence exemplifies the epitome of modern living—every design choice intentional, every detail perfecting the homeowner’s experience.

Photography by Kat Alves

- by Matt Watts